Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swedish Dance

Today I learned the coolest dance.  I totally have to work it into my Christmas traditions.  A lady from Sweden taught it to us.  Basically, you hold hands in a long line and run around the room and in and out of doors.  It was awesome!  Of course, we did it with about 30 people.  It might loose something if it's just the three of us.  I'll definitely have to teach my brothers and sisters this one.  I think it will be more fun with more people.  And it's from another country, so it's cultural. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blog 365 Days- Check

*Day 365*

I did it!  I was unsure about this when I started, but I made it anyway.  Now, I might take a break for a bit.  But I'll be back soon. 
Thank you to all of you who have commented and made me feel like this was worthwhile.  And thank you to those of you who read this and still like me instead of thinking I'm just a huge dork.  And thank you all for not pointing out too many of my grammar and spelling mistakes, and for at least pretending like what I say makes sense.  Thanks for all of you who supported me in this challenge by "following" me.  It's been a good experience for me.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Future of Blogging

*Day 364*

Well, I'm trying to decide what to do about this blog after I finish my 365 days.  I might get ambitious and pretend like it's leap year and do an extra day!  Just kidding.  I want to keep blogging, I'm not sure how to keep my self motivated.  I thought I'll blog unless it's one of those days when I can't think of anything to say.  But, if it turns out to be like this month I'll be taking about 28 days off, and that would effectively be the end of my blog, because I would never get back to it.  I've learned something about myself.  I'm an all or nothing kind of person.  Matt tried to get me to blog years ago.  I think I made 2 entries.  It just didn't make it to the top of my priority list.  Now, he makes a challenge, and if I do it every day, I can somehow get it done.  But if I say I'll blog when something big happens or when I have time or feel like it or whatever, it will never get done.  It's the same way with treats for me.  I can't moderate myself.  I say I will, but I can't.  But if I say I'm not eating any treats at all (and Matt always laughs at me) I can do it.  All or nothing.  Of course having a challenge motivates me a little. 

When I started this blog, I was thinking along the lines of a personal history.  I thought I could get some memories down and stories that Logan might like to have record of.  I didn't get as much of that done as I thought I would.  But, I think it will be fun to look back and see what our everyday life was like.  Because I don't usually keep track of the normal stuff.  So, If I keep blogging, I think I will try to get more of those things down.  I just can't decide how to regulate myself so I don't start skipping and get to the point where I never blog again.  So there you have it.  I have one day left, and I don't know what I'm going to do.  Maybe put more pictures up because I realize I've gotten kind of slacky at posting pictures. 

I found a picture!  I figured, why wait to fix that picture problem. I knew I had to have one of Logan I could use.   

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


*Day 363*

So, I've turned my son onto a new habit.  I love drinking hot chocolate in the winter.  I especially love flavored hot chocolate.  But every once in a while I throw in something from my childhood.  I still call it Postum.  I know the container says Pero, and that they don't make the Postum brand anymore.  But, I always thought they were the same thing, so, I still call it postum.  Well, every now and then I have some postum.  It's only good with sugar and cream.  But, since I really like the flavored hot chocolate, I figured I would like the flavored coffeemate creamer in my postum.  Well, I do.  And now so does Logan.  He never wanted to try postum before, but the other day he decided for some reason to try it.  Oh, wait, I think it's because he saw the creamer.  That must have looked good to him.  I guess it was.  He has wanted postum over hot chocolate ever since.  So, first thing this morning, he asked for some postum.  He eats breakfast at school every morning.  And Logan has been recruiting.  He turned his dad.  After they shoveled on Sunday, Logan offered to make Matt a cup of postum.  It's now officially a family habit.  Yeah, we went to the store last night buy more postum and pick a new coffeemate.  And that was our dessert last night.  Mmmmmm....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Grinch

*Day 362*

How the Grinch stole Christmas (the Dr. Seuss version) is my favorite Christmas movie.  I was going to list some of my favorite quotes form it, then I realized that I have too many.  I will just refer you to the book.  OK, I'll pick one.  "The Grinches small heart grew three sizes that day."  And I'm holding myself back from adding more. 

We just finished watching this show on TV.  I love that my son can quote it and has just as many favorite parts as I do.  The whole show is someones favorite part.  And Logan can point out the differences between the movie and the book.  Like, in the movie the Grinch uses black thread to tie a big horn on the top of Max's head.  In the book, he uses red. 

Classic show, and it has a great meaning.  We read the book yesterday, the movie today, and I'm sure it's not the last time we'll read or see it this holiday season.

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Nice To Be Loved

*Day 361*

Sometimes it's nice to feel loved.  I work at my sister Lynn's house.  She has this adorable little girl that I've seen just about every day of her life.  (Now if seeing your aunt every day of your life isn't just the coolest thing ever, I don't know what is.... j/k.)  Jessica is, well, Jessica, and I love the girl, but sometimes I'm glad I don't have to take her home with me.  She's 3, what more do I have to say.  But, somedays, I would do anything for her.  I mean she loves her aunt (me)!  When I left today she gave me a hug, kiss and the electric "I love you" sign.  Then she told me to come back again.  I told her I'd come back tomorrow.  And she got excited!  Like I don't come back every day.  One day not too long ago, one of the kids left while Jessica was in the bathroom.  She heard me tell them goodbye when they went out the door.  She started crying and throwing a fit because she thought I left and she didn't get to hug me or tell me to come back.  When I yelled to her I was still there, she calmed down.  It's really sweet to feel so loved.  But this new one takes the cake. 

But this has to start with... Backstory!  When I was three I nearly choked to death.  Here is my version of the story.  Put together from what I remember in my unconscious state and what I have heard over and over through the years.  We'd been grocery shopping.  We got home and Renae, who was a baby, was hungry.  So was I, but being the middle child, no one cared about that.  (Just kidding, that's for you mom!)  Anyway, mom, was feeding the baby.  (I don't hold anything against Renae.)  I just got too hungry, so I decided to do something about it.  We had bought this loaf of bread at the store.  I took a big bite out of it.  Then, I choked on it.  My mom was still feeding the baby.  Sherry, bless her, noticed something was wrong, and went to tell mom that I was turning blue.  Mom came and got me.  She tried to get the bread out, but couldn't.  She started to call 911, then I passed out and she had to stop dialing the number to catch me.  This was old rotary phone times, so she had to start dialing again.  Still she couldn't get the bread out.  She put her finger in my mouth, and I bit it!  Then, she remembered this new thing that they had just learned in Relief Society.  So, she tried the Heimlich maneuver.  (Really, it was new!  I just figured people had always known the Heimlich maneuver.  How many people died from choking before they figured this out?  And, so glad my mom goes to Relief Society.)  Anyway, with my tiny unconscious body trying to slip out of her hands, she tried the Heimlich maneuver.  The bread finally popped out.  Then the neighbor came in to see what was going on because the paramedics were there but no one was opening the door.  I remember waking up.  My mom was sitting at the table, holding me, soaking her finger in a bowl of ice water.  I think that's when she cried.  I have always admired my mom's ability to get through a crisis with a calm head.  If she breaks down, it's always after everyone is OK and taken care of.  I hope that I inherited that quality from her.  And, I'm also glad I haven't been tested yet to see if I have it.  But, mostly, I am just grateful for mom for saving my life.  When I sit and think about what really could have happened in that situation.......  Well, I love my mom, and I'm glad I'm here today.  So, that's my backstory.

This weekend, Jessica and some of my other nieces and nephews were eating at my mom and dad's.  Jessica has this new bad habit of stuffing tons of food in her mouth.  And she doesn't like to sit still and eat.  (Ask Lynn, I'm very sensitive to the threat of choking.  I am always telling the kids to be careful so they don't choke.)  Anyway, Jessica was running around with food in her mouth, so my mom told the kids the story of when I almost choked to death.  (Logan loves to hear that story too.  It's one of his most requested.  Maybe he likes to see me cry.)  Well, that night when Jessica said her prayers, she stopped to ask Lynn if it was her mom that saved me, Lynn told her yes, so Jessica continued,  "Thanks for moms mom for saving Aunt Kirsty so she can be with us today."  Isn't that just sweetest thing you ever heard!  Yeah, sometimes it's just nice to know that you are so loved.   Electric "I love you"!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


*Day 360*

Oh my gosh, I finally made it to the 60's!  That means this is my last week of blogging everyday.  Wow.

Logan wanted to paint my fingernails.  He also did my toenails. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake

*Day 359*

Looking around at toys and gifts for Christmas I notice that a lot of the toys we had as kids are back again for our children to enjoy.  Seeing them brings back some childhood memories and remind me of the things I loved as a kid.  Well, here's a weird, random memory that came up after seeing these toys.  I was talking to my sister, Sherry,  the other and she mentioned that there was a sale on Strawberry shortcake dolls and she was planning on getting some for her daughter.  It instantly reminded me of the Strawberry shortcake doll that Sherry had when we were kids.  It actually smelled like strawberries.  We were playing with it one day (and by playing with it, I mean smelling it.  That's all I ever remember doing with it.) and one of my little brothers (I don't remember which one) wanted to smell it.  So Sherry it up by his nose and when she pulled it away, there was a big booger on Strawberries hat.  It wasn't intentional, but funny.  I wonder if that's when Sherry became a germaphobe?  

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Celebration

*Day 358*

We went to Salt Lake yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  Now it's been a couple of days since this "blizzard".  I figured they had plenty of time to clear the roads for holiday travelers and we would be fine driving down.  The roads were ice packed!  We were skidding and moving maybe 20 mph.  By the time we got to Wellsville, Matt was talking about turning around because he didn't want to drive all the way in those conditions, besides we wouldn't be there in time for dinner.  But, we went on and found Sardine Canyon in perfect condition.  Wha?  I guess they concentrated all their efforts on the canyon and didn't worry about city streets.  Oh, well, at least we made it the rest of the way at a decent speed.  And, we were on time for dinner.

Dinner was great and then we got to enjoy some basketball and football.  Good times.  Then it was time for what Matt has termed "Pie Fest".  OK, so maybe we get a little carried away with our pies sometimes.  You have to have the traditional, but then this is the oly time of year the I make/eat pie, so we have to try some new stuff.  Like eggnog pie, pumpkin spice cake, orange cream, cookies and cream, cherry chocolate, pumpkin cheesecake, peanut butter pie, and so on and so forth.  So, you kind of end up with a lot of pie.   I think it's OK when we eat "dinner" around lunch time and then have pie for dinner. 

Today we got to go Matt's dads and enjoy another delicious meal.  And some fun games.  Me and Matt rocked at pictionary!  Cornstartch!  Unfortunately, Matt is the only that can decipher my drawing, and because of a late night last night, my brain shut down half way through the girls vs. boys game, and I wasn't much help.  Sorry ladies.  I still had fun laughing at myself. 

I love this time of year.  We get to spend time with family, play games and eat food.  Bring on Christmas!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


*Day 357*

Family and food.  Two of my favorite things! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


*Day 356*

Ahhhhh..... pies are finished.  Apple, Banana Cherry Cream and Coconut Cream.  Now the hard part.  Waiting!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


*Day 355*

Well, we got notice last night that the schools would let out early today because of the blizzard warning.  I've lived in Utah my whole life and I only remember ever having one snow day in all my years of school.  It snowed a few feet overnight, and they cancelled school.  So, we stayed home and played in the snow all day.  I was in middle or high school.  Me and Renae wanted to make use of our day off, but we didn't have good boots or gloves.  We knew that if we could keep dry, we would be able to play outside longer.  So, we used bread bags to keep us warm.  We put on socks, then a bread bag, then more socks and then our shoes.  We did the same for our hands.  When we were little, and didn't have gloves, my mom used to put socks on our hands to keep them warm.  So, we put socks on out hands, then a bag, then more socks, and went out to play.  It worked!  We played outside forever, and we didn't get wet, so we stayed warm. 

One time when I was in college, they cancelled church because it was so cold.

Today I lived through my first blizzard.  It wasn't as bad as I expected a blizzard to be.  Of course, I planned to be home, and stay home.  It did get very windy for a while.  And there was snow that made it very hard to see.  At some points, we could barely see the neighbors house.  And, I think the school district feels justified for the early release.  The storm blew in, right at time that we would have been going to pick Logan up from school.  I think the storm has mostly passed now.  We have a bout 8-10 inches of snow, and it is cold.  But, we survived.  And we didn't even loose power.  So, while we were waiting out the storm, we introduced Logan to another classic.  We watched the "Princess Bride" while drinking hot chocolate.  He liked it, laughed in the right places and went to bed quoting, "mawrage, mawrage, is what brings us togever today." 

Now, I hope it's about done, because I have to go shopping tomorrow for my Thanksgiving food.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy P!

*Day 354*

When I married Matt, I was blessed with some wonderful in laws.  His dad has always been very supportive and willing to help.  He is such a loving man.  And a good cook!  Hope your birthday was wonderful! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010


*Day 353*

Yesterday we got parsnips in our Bountiful Basket.  Today we ate them for dinner.  Everyone liked them! 
That's what's been fun about getting baskets.  We get to try things I probably wouldn't buy, and find out that we like them.  And we get more variety in what we eat.  Plus, it's like Christmas every time, because you never know what you're going to get.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


*Day 352*

Today I:

*went for a run in the rain.  (I didn't know that it was raining until I walked out the door.  I just thought it was really windy.  But, I went anyway because I really felt like running.  It was a good run.)

* helped with the Bountiful Baskets.  It's kind of amazing how fast and efficient they can be.  And we got good fruits and vegetables.

* played volleyball.  Our women's team took first place in region!  It's been fun to play with them.  It's nice that they let me play.  They are all so much better than me.  Just every now and then I get a really lucky hit and they think I can play a little.  Now I'm just going to have to do something about the soreness that's setting in. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Eggnog Fudge

*Day 351*

Matt loved this.

Eggnog Fudge

1 T. plus 3/4 c. butter, softened, divided
3 c. sugar
2/3 c. eggnog
2 T. heavy whipping cream
1 package (10-12 oz.) vanilla or white chips
1 c. marshmallow cream
1 c. finely chopped walnuts
2 teas. vanilla extract

Line a 13 x 9 in. pan with foil and grease with 1 T. butter, set aside.  In a large saucepan, combine sugar, eggnog, cream and remaining butter.  Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.  Reduce heat, cook until it reaches 238 (soft ball stage), stirring occasionally.  Remove from heat.  Stir in chips until melted.  Stir in the marshmallow cream, walnuts and vanilla.  Spread into prepared pan.  Cool to room temperature.  Using foil, lift out of pan.  Discard foil, cut fudge into 1 in. squares.  Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Logan Time

*Day 350*

Matt's gone.  Logan and mom time included homework, a trip to Macey's, dinner and video games.  Something for everyone.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


*Day 349*

So, I was just about to walk out the door this morning when the phone rang.  I checked the caller ID and it said Logan City Schools.  As I picked up the phone, I was really hoping that it was Jennifer.  But it wasn't.  I dropped Logan off at school for breakfast, after he eats he always goes back outside to play before school starts.  Turns out he got in a fight and I had to go pick him up from school.  She said they had put some ice on his eye and they didn't think he would need stitches.   Awesome.

OK, so that's not really what happened.  We just wanted to see if people would believe it.  The school called and Miss Shauna (the secretary) told me that Logan was hit by a swing while he was playing before school.  She told me he had a small cut on his eyelid.  She didn't think he would need stitches, but they needed a parent to make that call.  I said I would be right over.  He was sitting in the office with ice on his eye.  He looked pretty banged up.  I realized later that it wasn't as bad as it looked.  He wasn't all scraped up, it was just blood on his face.  He looked better after we cleaned him.  He looked so sad though.  (Probably because his eye was swollen.)  He wanted to come home, and I wanted a second opinion about the whole stitches thing, so I brought him home.  We finally decided that we didn't think he needed stitches.  He was glad.  His eye is still puffy and is turning colors, it hurts a little, but he's OK. 

It turns out that they were playing a game running behind the kids on the swings.  He got kicked in the face.  He tells me it doesn't sound like such a fun game anymore.  I told him he better not, because next time I'll take him get stitches.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


*Day 348*

I almost went all day without using the computer.  I wonder what that would be like.....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Eggnog Mini Loaves

*Day 347*

Tis the time of year for eggnog.  We have been enjoying it and have used it in some recipes we found.  We liked this one.

Eggnog Mini Loaves

2 1/4 C. flour
2 teas. baking powder
1/2 teas. salt
1/2 teas. cinnamon
1/2 teas. nutmeg
2 eggs
1 c. sugar
1 c. eggnog
1/2 c. butter, melted
2 teas. vanilla extract
2 teas. rum extract

In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg.  In another bowl, beat the eggs, sugar, eggnog, butter and extracts; stir into dry ingredients just until moistened.  Pour into three greased 5 3/4 in. x 3 in. x 2 in. loaf pans.  Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near center comes out clean.  Cool for 10 minutes before removing from pans to wire racks. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Confessional

*Day 346*

I hate blogging on Sundays.  I would prefer to just take it easy and not have to do anything on the computer on a Sunday.  So, when I finish this challenge that will be my first day to go. 

Also, this last month of blogging is dragging on forever.  I don't know if it's because I'm so close to the finish and I think it should be flying past faster, or if it's because other people have already finished their year of blogging so I feel like I should be done too.....  Anyway, it's getting frustrating typing those numbers everyday when they don't seem to get any higher.   (Andrea, have you checked to make sure I've counted right?)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Breanna!

*Day 345*

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but being an aunt is the best.  I'm grateful for all my nieces and nephews, especially the ones that try to keep me in touch with what's cool out there.  Thanks Breanna!   You're a beautiful young woman.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Dax!

*Day 344*

Happy birthday to a cute, funny, spunky, tell it how it is, active, creative, sometimes rambunctious, smart little boy.  I miss seeing you everyday.  Happy Birthday Dax! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Aaron!

*Day 343*

Hmmmmmm.... How to describe Aaron?  I always describe him as a big teddy bear.  He's always been very sweet and willing to include people and help them out.  Heather got lucky with him because he knows how to be gentleman and take care of a lady.  He is also a hard worker and willing to lend a hand when it's needed.  He's just a good guy!  Happy Birthday Aaron!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

*Day 342*

We don't see movies very often, so we're always behind on what's out.  And, it only took us three days, but we finally finished "How To Train Your Dragon".  (Or as the preschoolers call it, "Dragon Train")  I liked it.  I thought it was a really cute movie.  I couldn't wait to see how it ended.  I almost stayed up both nights and watched the end by myself because I wanted to see what happened.  I would recommend it. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


*Day 341*

This is a fuyu persimmon.  We got them in our bountiful basket this weekend.  We are neutral on them.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't super great either.  Of course, I don't even know if they are ripe yet.  So, maybe they could be better.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pop Quiz

*Day 340*

Do you know what this is?

Sunday, November 7, 2010


*Day 339*

Logan said we have can't decorate for Christmas yet.  We need to decorate for Thanksgiving.  I bet he'll like it when our Thanksgiving decoration is a tree and everyday he has to write something on a leaf that he is thankful for.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


*Day 338*

Today I got to go shopping with my mom in law and sister in law.  Every year before Christmas, we head down to Layton to hit some of the stores we don't have in Logan, like Toys R Us and Target, and try to get some of our Christmas shopping done.  I'm not usually a big shopper, but I look forward to this trip.  Maybe we just don't have the right stores in Logan to get me excited about shopping.  But, I think it's the company.  We always have a good time, and see some fun stuff.  This year I didn't get much shopping done.  Maybe it's a little too early in the season?  But, I did get a lot of good ideas and some prices to compare.  I love Thanksgiving and I think it's a great holiday.  It's good to spend time counting our blessings and having an attitude of gratitude.  And sometimes I think that Thanksgiving gets skipped over (especially in the retail world).  But, after doing nothing fun to celebrate Halloween or get in the spirit, I'm almost ready to start decorating for Christmas.  Even though it's warm outside.  At least I know it would get done and we'd be able to enjoy it for a while.  Then I'd feel like we get to have at least one really fun holiday this year.  And shopping puts me in even more of a Christmas mood.  Good Day!

Friday, November 5, 2010


*Day 337*

I was waking Logan up.  I really like to wake him up because he doesn't want to get out of bed so he gets all cuddly and gives me these sleepy smiles, which are adorable.  Then he offers to read to me.  It would be wonderful quality time if it wasn't making us late for work and school.  So, I love it, but we don't usually have time for it.  Until I can get up earlier.  And that would probably be worth getting up early for, but then I would probably fall back asleep in his bed, and we'd be really late.  OK, now I'm going to get back to my original thought. 

The other day I went in to wake Logan up.  As usual, he got cuddly and was hugging me.  I said something to him that ended with, "My only son."
And Logan says, "I'm not your only son."
Mom, "Well, who's my other son?"
Logan, "Dad."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Thinkin'

*Day 336*

* It feels lonely without so many people blogging everyday. 

* I had a good idea for a blog post, but I'm too lazy to find the pictures to go along with it.  I guess it's time for me to admit that I'm not going to get any scrapbooking done any time soon, and find a way to organize my pictures so that we can look through them and actually enjoy them.  Or find the ones we want to blog about.

* Chelsea asked me about traditions at my high school.  I must be getting really old, I hardly remember high school.  It's kind of sad that I can't think of anything.  I guess I'll have to keep blogging and get down some of those memories before I forget them completely.

* I'm tired of being sick.  In the last couple of months, I've had two colds, the flu, and now it feels like a sinus infection.  I'd just like to feel all the way good sometime.

* Did you know that you can't buy egg nog during the summer?  I found this recipe for egg nog bread that I wanted to try, but until a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't find egg nog in the stores.  Tonight I made egg nog bread.  I have two different recipes.  After we try them both, I'll let you know which one is better.

* What are the chances that I will get to bed early tonight? 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Logan's School Picture

*Day 335*

Logan's school picture.

Is it just me, or does he look really old!  And finally... a picture where they didn't make him show his teeth.  He looks much more natural this way.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


*Day 334*

Have you ever laughed so hard that sound stops coming out and you just shake?  That happens to me sometimes.  More often when I'm tired.  And usually caused by Matt.

Monday, November 1, 2010

2 Cars

*Day 333*

We're almost a 2 car family again.  My dad and Darrell came over today to help Matt put a new starter in the car.  It works now!  But it sounded kind of horrible, so I don't know if we're going to have to do something else big.  It took them all afternoon to put in the starter.  They have to take half the car  part to get to it.  When they were finishing, I laughed because this is the shirt my dad was wearing. 

 I hope it didn't really ruin his whole day.  I really appreciate my dad for be willing to help us.  And Matt for working on figuring it out, and crawling under car even though he got grease all over his Jets shirt.  It's a huge relief to be able to take care of these things without having to pay someone a ton of money I don't have.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


*Day 332*

I would just like to say Congratulations to all of you bloggers who took this challenge when it was first given and have blogged everyday for a whole year now.  It's been fun to read your blogs.  I'm looking forward to getting together with you.  (Matt has approved me to come even though I have not blogged an entire year.)  And, I'm a little jealous because I have had a really rough time with blogging lately (I don't know if you could tell from some of my lame-o blogs...).   I almost quit, but I'm so close to the end now.  I'm excited to see what everyone will do now with blogging.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treating

*Day 331*

Today we took Logan trick or treating at Macey's grocery store and Papa Murphy's.  Then we went around Grandpa and Grandma Pauline's neighborhood in the rain.  I think I'm glad that my son doesn't feel the need to get as much candy as possible.  He's just good with something.  It's nice because then I don't have to stay out for hours.  And it was cold tonight.  And rainy.  But, Logan didn't make me stay out in it for long.  Then we visited Dax, Jace and Aunt Jennifer.  Then we came home and he went straight to bed.  I'm ready for it too.  I'm not looking forward to church tomorrow.  I have never seen this boy on such a bad sugar high.  He was pretty much a jerk.  I hope he sleeps it off, so I don't have to deal with it during church.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Festival

*Day 330*

Tonight we went to the Fall Festival at Logan's school.  I don't know if it's this way everywhere, but a lot of the schools around here try to avoid the dressing up thing and celebrating Halloween at school.  One of the schools I worked at, scheduled parent-teacher conferences around Halloween so they had school off on Halloween and didn't have to do anything for it.  This week was Red Ribbon Week at Logan's school.  Today was wear red day  (not wear a costume).  So, the fall festival is their way to celebrate Halloween without doing it during school hours.  They did a costume parade around the block.  Then we had a trunk or treat.  Each class was in charge of having a trunk and passing out candy.  They had a pumpkin decorating contest and donuts and cider.  It was pretty fun.  Good, Halloween fun, in a safe environment, with friends!

Me and Logan. 

Our spooky car.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Decorartions

*Day 329*

We have Halloween decorations!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Street By My House

*Day 328*

I like to look at pictures of beautiful places.  OK, maybe sometimes I don't, because then I just feeling like I wish I could go these places when I know I can't, but......  We live in a beautiful world.  At least when I'm looking at the pictures I can still get the peaceful feeling of the place, even if I'm not there.  And I see how amazing and beautiful the rest of the world is.  The other day I was looking at this picture I have had for a long time.

I love the trees lining the road in this picture.  After I looked at this picture, I was thinking how I would love to be on a street like this.  Where there are trees on both sides and the leaves hang over and touch in the middle.  And if you walk down it, it's like being under a bridge of trees.  Yeah, I thought that would be cool.  And then, one day we were walking to school and I realized I live on a street like that! 

Maybe it looses a little something with the paved road and power lines (and I'll admit the photographer isn't the best), but the trees still line the road and cover over it.  And it is beautiful, especially when the leave change colors and when the snow sticks to them in the morning.  And it's only a block away from our house.  On a clear day, the mountains stand higher behind it.  Throw in a deer or two and some squirrels and you'd think your in the mountains.  And, if you look close you can see Logan walking to school!  I love where I live.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Decoration (singular)

*Day 327*

I am such a lame mom.  Halloween is this week, and we have done nothing Halloweenish.  We don't have any decorations up.  We haven't carved pumpkins.  And, it doesn't look like any of that is going to happen before Saturday.  At this point, I just look it and think, it's not worth it to do all that work for 5 days and then have to clean it up again.  I did get the Halloween decoration box out a couple of weeks ago.  We were looking for costume stuff for our family party.  Then Logan found it, moved it into his room and started playing with the contents.  I asked him if he wanted to help me decorate.  He said no.  If he wasn't worried about it, I wasn't going to.  But, he did find some things to play with.  And really, we have one Halloween decoration.  Logan found the light up pumpkin and has been using it as his night light for the past couple weeks.

Of, course, we have to turn the face away from him so he doesn't get scared.  (His words.)

Monday, October 25, 2010


*Day 326*

Oh, I'm so happy.  Eating dinner today actually sounded good.  I was starving.  I ate dinner, and I still feel good.  This is a good sign.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


*Day 325*

When ever I watch the Broncos play at home it reminds of when we went to Colorado to visit Matt's Aunt Julie and Uncle Jerry.  We were there just after the new stadium opened.  Julie had us a read an article about it.  They had a concert or something at the stadium to celebrate its' opening.  The guy writing the article was saying that they should have tested the sound system and worked out the bugs before they started because from where he was sitting it sounded like they said, "Welcome to Nabisco field at bile pie."  I don't know why I still remember that but during the game today when they said "Invesco Field at Mile High", me and Matt both said, "Nabisco field at bile pie." 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Science Class

*Day 324*

Today I got to go to a science class.  They gave us a lot of cool ideas to help teach our children science principles and encourage them to wonder.  The best part was that we got to do the experiments and try everything out.  I didn't take my camera to class, so when I got home I let Logan try the stuff we did, and I took pictures of him. 

We learned how to hold bubbles.  Here's Logans'.  Also, I saw a square bubble.  I need to get some materials, but if I get it to work, I'll show ya.

This is snow that is growing in Logan's hands.  I know it would be better as a video, but you couldn't see it very good.  You'll have to trust me.  It grew and it looks like snow.

We made a solution then added the worm goo and out came worms.  We also made slime and glow sticks. 

Logan asked me if I was taking this stuff Lynn's.  I told him I didn't know.  He said I should leave it here so he can play with it.  He said it was fun.  Then he told me, "Usually I just play video games, but this is funner than playing video games." 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Lame Excuse for a Blog

*Day 323*

All week I've felt like I've got a million things to do and I haven't had time to get any of them done.  Somethings gotta give.  So, I'm choosing to do something else tonight instead of blog.  Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you all about the class I get to go to.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's For Dinner?

*Day 322*

It was Logan's turn to make dinner tonight.  Well, we got celery in our bountiful basket last time.  Logan was excited to see it.  He immediately talked about making soup.  In the past we've used our celery to make homemade chicken noodle soup or Greek lemon soup.  I told him we could make soup.  He wanted me to make Greek lemon soup, but he talked about making chicken noodle soup on his night.  So, tonight I asked him if he wanted to make chicken noodle soup for dinner.  He said he did.  So, I got chicken cooking and had him start making homemade noodles.  Then we were getting the veggies out and chopping them up.  Then Logan says, "I just wanted the kind from the can."  Well, that would have given me the whole night off.  He could have handled that by himself.  Sometimes it good to find out exactly what your kids mean when they say something or ask a question.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I gave him chicken noodle soup from a can for lunch.  He thought it was awesome.  I made his day by buying some at Macey's when it was on sale.  I got a big hug from him when I got home and showed him what I bought.  I thought it was funny that he liked it so much.  But, he admitted that the soup we made tonight was better than the canned kind.  He still wants to eat that canned soup though.  I'll probably save it one of my dinner nights when I really don't feel like cooking.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'll Take a "P", Vanna

*Day 321*

Right now I have four pony tails in my hair.  I am wearing purple plaid pajamas with a pocket which were a present, a pearl bracelet, my personal progress necklace with a pendant, pumpkin earrings, a flag pin, perfume, and pink and purple striped socks.  My last name is Platis, and I ate pink popcorn. 

Tonight at young womens we had a personal progress party.  We had a contest to see who could come with the most things that start with "P".  I didn't win.  But I had fun. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life at Daycare

*Day 320*

Logan was out of school last week, so he came to work at Lynn's with me.  Later he informed me that he wasn't going to go to college.  When he finished school, he was going to work at Lynn's house.  Lynn's right, he is very businesslike.  (When he wants something.)  He proceeded to tell me that he already knew all of the activities, because he's done them, so he would be able to teach and help the kids.  (All ready for his interview.)  I informed him that he would go to college and he would have to work hard in school to earn a scholarship.  He told me he would go to Utah State.  But, I'm getting a little off.  That's not really what I was going to blog about today. 

Logan was playing at Lynn's house.  The kids were playing cats.  Logan was a pet cat and Kya was his owner.  Kya was talking about going to the store to buy some salmon for her cat to eat.  I'm pretty sure this idea came from Logan.  He loves salmon.  I don't know where he got the idea to feed it to a cat.  I'd never pay that much for cat food.  Anyway, Kya was heading out to get some salmon for her cat.  So she told the cat where she was going.  "I'm going to salmontonio to get some salmon."  (San Antonio if you didn't get it.  Kya was in Texas last week for a family reunion.  They went to San Antonio, or salmontonio, as the kids call it now.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Life With Logan

*Day 319*

These are the kind of things I get to do when I'm with Logan.  Notice where the real sidewalk is, on the left.  Logan is riding on the little "bonus" sidewalk he discovered.  I am instructed to "follow me", so I get to ride on it too.  I'm really not sure if I would have noticed the mini sidewalk there if it hadn't been for Logan.  I love that when I'm with him I get a chance to see new things and discover.  (Unless, of course, I'm in a hurry.)  But, I do love that he takes the time to notice things around him and explore.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Party!

*Day 318*

Yesterday we went to Salt Lake for our family Halloween Party.  Not everyone was able to come.  We missed those that weren't there, but we decided to have fun anyway.  (Sorry guys.  Pencil it in for next year.)  We played pictionary (go girls, for the win!), the kids had a bounce house and blow up slide to play on, we had some good food and of, course, great company.  I love spending time with my family!

Logan and Addie going down the slide.

Matt going up against Renae at pictionary.  Did I already mention that the girls won?

Wa ha ha ha ha!!!  (That's Logan laughing.)  When Lynn tried to go on the slide, she collapsed it and got stuck inside. 

We made some peanut butter truffle pumpkins. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Breanna!

*Day 317*
I like Breanna being all anti-social in this picture.
Breanna was my first niece.  It was so nice to have a sweet little girl around.  It is just amazing to me how she has grown into such a beautiful young lady.  She is still sweet, and I still like to be around her. 

Happy Birthday Breanna! 

Friday, October 15, 2010


*Day 316*
Logan helped me make a few Halloween decorations.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


*Day 315*

It felt like fall today.  It was a nice day.  We don't have a yard of our own so, we used Lynn's to rake leaves, clean and play.  It's really fun to watch Logan play with the little kids there.  He's so good with them.  My day was easy because he came up with things for them to play all day.  And they played together well (unlike the other day).  It reminded me of how we spent our time when we were kids. 

Logan making a leaf storm. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Logan, My Baker

*Day 314*

Well, I think Logan has a new specialty.  He perfected his eggs, now he's become very good at cake mix cookies.  While I was gone tonight, his aunt called.  She wanted to talk to me, but since I wasn't here, she talked to Logan.  They told me she asked some questions about making cake mix cookies.  And, Logan answered them.  Then he went into the kitchen, pulled out the recipe and checked to make sure he gave the right information.  He did.  I think it's so cute that he has the recipe memorized and can make them all by himself.  Now, what should I teach him next?  Something that will really help me out.

By the way, I hope the cookies turned out great.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


*Day 313*

I just feel really bad for my daycare kids on days like this.  I try really hard.  It's good they have Lynn.  Hopefully tomorrow will feel better.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference

*Day 312*

Today we went to parent teacher conferences.  The good news is that Logan's teacher likes him.  He's doing well in reading and math.  He still has a hard time keeping on task.  But, he can be off task for most of the time and work the last few minutes and still manage to get his work done.  I'm not sure if that's good or not.  His teacher said that he has a hard time pairing up to work because everyone wants to work with Logan.  She also said he's very helpful.  He even likes to help other students.  But, sometimes he forgets to finish his work before he helps others.  As long as he's getting his work done, and his teacher can handle him, I'm happy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stuffed Mushrooms

*Day 311*

Sometimes I just crave stuffed mushrooms.  It's one of those times.  Here's the recipe if any of ya'll ever get a similar craving.

Stuffed Mushrooms
1 lb. bulk sausage
1 pound mushrooms (big ones are easier to fill, but there's less of them; small ones are bite size.  Choose what works for you.)
1 8 oz. package of cream cheese

Wash mushrooms and remove stems.  Cook and drain sausage.  Mix sausage into cream cheese.  Spoon into mushrooms.  Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until they are bubbly.  (My mom always turned it to broil for a few minutes at the end to brown them on top.)  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Lynn!

*Day 310*
Happy Birthday Old Lady Lynn!

Lynn has this neat trick hair in the morning.  And, I hear, that if you push it down, her leg comes up.

Lynn is 40 years old!  My big sister, 40!  Whoa!  Holy cow!  She's getting old.  She's 40!

Well, Lynn has been my big sister for as long as I can remember.  And for about that same length of time Lynn has also been my idol.  She was good at everything.  She was smart.  She was good at sports.  She..... well, that's really all I cared about.  I wanted to be like that too.   So, I tried to be like Lynn.  She was on the high school basketball team when I was in elementary school  (yes, she's that old).  She used to run around the neighborhood for conditioning for basketball.  So, I started tagging along.  And She was nice enough to let me.  She helped learn me learn the basic skills I needed to be able to compete in sports.  She still helps me.  Just last year in region basketball after I missed my first shot, she told me what I needed to do to make it.  I went 4 for 4 after that.  (Of course, the next day when we played her team, she didn't give me any advice.) 

We've done a lot of stuff together through the years.  We've logged many miles together and had conversations on all sorts of things.  From comparing and contrasting Charles Dickens, to the gospel, to rehashing last nights softball game.  It's always been interesting, educational, testimony building, thought provoking and uplifting. 

I planned to come to Utah State when I graduated high school.  I had no friends coming up here.  Me and Lynn planned on being roommates.  I was so excited because we were going to have so much fun.  Then, she got married.  I had to move into a dorm with 5 people I'd never even seen before.  But having Lynn close by was still very comforting.  We still did "stupid" things together and she was there when I needed her.  When I wanted to visit home so badly, but didn't have a way to get there.  Me and Lynn walked to the grocery store to get ice cream, then we ordered pizza and I slept over at her house.  And I felt really bad when I got a job and moved to Salt Lake right after her husband died.  I wished I could have stayed for her.

When we moved back to Logan Lynn started babysitting Logan.  I was kind of sad that she took him to the Library for the first time or that they always went to the park.  But, I was glad that Lynn was taking care of him because I know she loved him and that he was safe.  Lynn is such a caring person.  She doesn't think about herself first.  After she married Darrell she asked me if I wanted to come work with her.  There aren't very many people out there that would willingly cut their pay in half so that someone else could have a job where they could be with their child all day and have a schedule that works for them.  But Lynn did.  It amazes me because I'm not sure I would be selfless enough to do that for someone else. 

I have been blessed to have Lynn for a sister and friend.  She is such a good example to me.  She still offers me excellent advice and is a source of strength to me.  I love Lynn for everything she is and stands for.  And I'm glad she takes my teasing too.  YOU ARE SO OLD!!!  I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE 40!   Happy Birthday!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

*Day 309*

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

When you are meeting your boyfriends family it can be worrisome.  You worry whether or not they will like you, but you also worry about whether or not you are getting involved with a crazy family.  Especially if you're thinking about getting married.  Because then those people will become your in-laws.  I was scared to meet Matt's family.  But it turned out just great.  I couldn't ask for better in-laws. 

I remember the first time I met Jennifer.  Matt was performing in the play "Chess" out in Smithfield.  I wanted to go see him, but I didn't have a car.  Matt arranged with Jennifer to give me a ride.  I was totally scared.  Not really of Jennifer (I mean, I didn't know her), just the situation.  I was (OK, still am) shy, so I was way out of my comfort zone.  But Jennifer was really nice.  I'm sure she had to work really hard to keep a conversation going.  We got to the play early and were waiting in the car for a while.  So, she gave me the dirt on her brother.  (Well, she tired, then she told me that she didn't have much because he was really a good brother.)

I'm not so scared of Jennifer anymore.  I love her and the example she is to me.  I love that she is so strong.   She can (and will) do what ever she wants too.  She's her own person and doesn't worry about what other people think.  She is good at her job.  She was good at all the jobs she's had.  She works hard and gives her best.  She is very loving.  She is concerned about other people.  I admire that she is a social person.  It's something I'm not.  But watching her makes me wish I was little more.  And she is funny.  I wish I could do some of things Jennifer does, and envy her talents.  She is just great, and I'm glad that she was willing to accept me into her family and welcome me as a sister.

And, I'm sorry that I don't have a super cool rap, or even a poem.  But Matt wants me to exercise my abilities in the kitchen so you have something to enjoy for your birthday.  Or slightly after.  (Even though it won't be as impressive now that you can do it yourself.  :) )

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Super Slug

*Day 308*

Today on the way to school, Logan saw the biggest slug I have ever seen in my whole life.  It was amazing.  So, of course, I had to catch it and take it to preschool to show my kids.  They were pretty amazed (until Mikell and Ashlynn brought their new puppies for show and tell).  There was talk of seeing what would happen to this Goliath if we sprinkled salt on it, but in the end, Logan had pity on it and released it into the backyard.  After he helped (pushed) it off the porch because it was taking too long for it to get there itself.  Enjoy some picture we took while it was in our care.

It's HUGE!

I have never seen any markings on a slug before.  Aren't they beautiful?  (Please read with sarcasm.)

There was this hole in him.  I think he breaths through it.  It would get bigger and smaller.  There was only a hole on one side. I thought that was kind of weird.   And Jessica is pretty sure that it has eyes on its antennae.  (Yeah, we might have spent a little too much time looking at the thing, but I was just amazed.)

I promise that tomorrow I won't post pictures of the dead rat Matt saw on the way to pick Logan up from school. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Joey!

*Day 307*

Joey has been patient and easy going ever since we started pushing his forehead to make him angry baby, or his eyebrows to make him sad baby.   (I really thought I had pictures, but I can't find them anywhere.)  I love Joey.  He is kind and gentle.  Even though he is older than Logan, he always takes time to play with him.  I love that in his cousins.  They are such good examples to Logan.  I love having Joey as a nephew. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


*Day 306*

Volleyball tonight!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Night Out With Mom

*Day 305*

Matt left this afternoon to go to the Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie concert in Salt Lake.  So, me and Logan got to spend the evening together.  We...
- went and browsed at the Book Table
- Rode our bikes to the new Carl's Jr. for dinner.  (Matt has the car.  I asked Logan if he wanted to order pizza or something, but he wanted a burger so he didn't mind the bike ride.)  We only got rained on a little.
- Played some football (was going to take some pictures, but dad has the camera.)
- Read some books
- spent 20 minutes getting Logan into bed.  He doesn't feel safe without dad here.  But, he'll be asleep in 5 minutes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Logan's Cookies

*Day 304*

I knew teaching my child to cook would have it's benefits.  I (usually) love it when Logan comes in the kitchen and helps me cook.  I can't wait for the day when he isn't afraid of the stove and oven and can finish something all by himself.  For now, I'll take all the help I can get.  Like today.  Matt wanted some cookies, and I was busy.  So, Logan made cookies.  He can do all of it but put them in the oven and take them out. 

He uses a simple recipe, but he can do it all himself.  He knows where the recipe is, and can measure everything himself.  Really, I was so happy today.  I only had to put them in the oven and take them out.  That's it!  So, here's his recipe.

Cake Mix Cookies
1 box cake mix
1/2 cup oil
2 eggs

Mix all ingredients together.  Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.  We usually add frosting and turn them into "oreos". 

Today Logan used spice cake mix for his dad.  They were good.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Logan Time

*Day 303*

Matt was gone at the Priesthood session of conference tonight so me and Logan got to spend some time together.   We went on a bike ride.  (After we fixed his flat tire this afternoon.  And, why can't we get a stupid thorn in a front tire every now and then?  It would be easy to fix the front tire.  No brakes, or chains or gears or any of that crap to worry about.  But, no, it's always the back tire.  And we have had so many flats this year.  All form stupid little thorns.  OK, now I can move on.)  Then we walked over to the Island Market and got a Frazil.  Came home and drank them while we watched TV. 

This is my Logan moment of the day.  We walked out of the Island Market and he wanted to cross the street to watch the water in the canal.  We started across the street, and some dogs that were out next door started running over barking.  Logan panicked right away.  I tried to get him to keep walking, but he just froze.  Soon, he jumping up on me with his drink in hand, and I was trying to get to the other side of the street.  The kid was crying and nearly hysterical.  The girl finally got the dogs back in the house, but it took a while before Logan would let me put him down.  They had to be in the house, not just on the other side of the street.  Then, we were a block from home and there was another dog out on the corner.  This dog is out all the time, so I was able to coax him past it on his own two feet.  Poor kid. 

Logan quote of the day.
"Dad, I  T-I-M-E you." 
(After listening to President Uchtdorf, who said, "Love is more often spelled T-I-M-E."  I was impressed that he heard something from conference.  And that it was funny.  Good kid.)

Friday, October 1, 2010


*Day 302*

Another reason I'm glad I didn't teach elementary school.

It's the little details I wouldn't have done well with.  Like having little envelopes made and ready so that a student has a safe place to keep their tooth if they loose it at school.   Logan's friend was pointing at something and poked Logan in the mouth.  His tooth fell out.  It's the first one he's lost at school.  And, I was glad his teacher had something for him to put it in. 

Logan is planning on keeping the envelope.  He thought it was perfect that the tooth fairy took his tooth out of it, and put his money in it.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still Not the Weekend?

*Day 301*

I'm glad the weekend's almost here.  I just wish I had less on my weekend to do list.  Oh, well.

I am also really glad for Logan's inspired words tonight, "Wear good clothes."  Thanks bud!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Much To Do

*Day 300*

Wow!  300 days.  That seems like a lot.  And I remember when I told Matt I couldn't this.  I thought about doing something really special for a day like this.  But, today I am feeling very overwhelmed with all that I need to get done.  I was going to post a picture of my kitchen so you understood how behind I am.  But, I would be way to embarrassed to let you see it.  So, you'll have to take my word for it.  It's bad.  And it's not the only thing that's been neglected.  So, for my 300th day, I'm going to try to get some other stuff done that I need to do.   Thanks for understanding.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peanut Butter Rolls

*Day 299*

The other day, one of my fellow bloggers wrote about her love for peanut butter.  I also love peanut butter.  So, Logan was rummaging through recipes looking for a treat to make and came across this.  We had to try it. 

Peanut Butter Rolls
1/4 c. creamy peanut butter
1/4 c. firmly packed brown sugar
2 Tbls. butter, melted
1 loaf (16 ounces) refrigerated or thawed frozen sweet roll dough (We made our own.  OK I'll be honest, Lynn made our dough.  In exchange for the recipe.  It was a great deal for me.  And it turned out delicious.)

Coat  a 13x9 baking dish with cooking spray.  Stir together peanut butter, brown sugar and butter.  Roll dough out on a lighty floured surface into a 12x6 inch oval.  Spread peanut butter mixture over dough.  Roll up dough jelly-roll style, starting with 1 long edge.  Cut dough into 12 slices.  Place slices in prepared dish.  Cover and let rise until almost double in size, about 45 minutes.  Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until golden.