Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tickets and Crashes

*Day 119*

So, it's been raining mud up here. My car is a mess. I haven't washed it because they keep talking about this big storm that's coming. I figured it would clean my windows or make them worse so I've put off washing the car. Today it's been snowing pretty good. My car is looking better, but the mud and snow haven't exactly made it easy to see out of some of my windows. When I almost ran into a pole in a parking lot today, I thought of what I could blog about. Traffic incidents.

I really haven't had many big ones. I got a fix it ticket once because my brake light was out. I was worried because I had no idea why I was getting pulled over. I knew I couldn't have been going too fast because there was a line of traffic at a red light when I came through. I was on my way home from work and was tired and kind of spacey, so I couldn't remember if I stopped at the light or not. I worried until I found out what it was about. No problem. I'm sure I got it fixed and checked out on the very last day I could before I had to pay a fine.

My freshman year in college, me and my roommates went to California for spring break. I was driving and got pulled over for speeding. He really grilled me about having a Utah license and driving a car with Idaho plates (my roommates). But, let us go with a warning. He scared me enough that I couldn't go over the speed limit after that. They finally made me stop driving. My roommate took a turn because it felt like we were never going to get there if we had to go my speed.

I was with my sister Lynn when she got her first ticket. I still see people all the time do what she got a ticket for, and I get mad at them for it. I'm pretty sure that even Logan knows this law because I will point out when people don't follow it. Lynn got a ticket for failure to yield on a left hand turn. It was pretty crazy. We were turning left onto Redwood Road off of 90th South. The light turned green and we were waiting for the car to go straight. We even had a conversation about whether or not to go. Lynn said, "I'm supposed to wait for them to go, but they're not going." We talked about what to do. Then, when they were still not going, Lynn made her turn. She got pulled over, and got a ticket. I really think we waited long enough to give them a chance. It's not like we were racing them to get through first like I see people do all the time.

I also got in an accident with my sister Sherry. She was driving. We were pulling into the bank. Traffic was backed up. The cars in the oncoming lanes stopped to leave a path for us to get through. Sherry started going, then a car came driving down the side of the road to get in the right hand turn lane. We got hit. On my door. It wasn't too bad. It seemed really slow. From where I was, it seemed like Sherry just froze. I remember thinking, why doesn't she just push on the gas really fast. It seemed like we had enough time to get out of the way. Sherry probably has a different version of the story. Our tan car had a maroon door after that.

I've only been in one thing that could be considered a car crash. It was in the parking lot of a gas station. We got our gas and I was backing up. I was watching behind me. My dad always told me to look back until I came to a stop. That's what I was doing. Really. I was actually thinking of my dad saying that when I heard this crunchy noise. A car was pulling up and my front end swung around and hit their bumper. Our bumpers were stuck together. We had to both back up to get them unlocked. It was a couple of guys in the other car. They were giving me some advice on what I could tell my parents had happened. I thought that was weird. I didn't think I had to lie to my parents. I really didn't think they would care. Actually, I'm not even sure I ever told them. There was just a scratch on the bumper. And, they knew when they bought the car that teenagers would being driving it. (Besides, it was nothing compared to what Eric did to the Comet.)

And those, my friends, are my most memorable traffic incidents.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Darrell

*Day 118*
Uncle Darrell isn't really my uncle. He's my sister, Lynn's, husband. When Logan went to Lynn's daycare when he was little, he would call Darrell Uncle Darrell. Then, all of the other kids started calling him uncle Darrell too. So, he's just been uncle Darrell to a lot of kids. He's fine with that. When he was little if someone asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would say "an uncle". He's a great uncle, to all of the kids. He will play with them and swing them around and do do tricks for them. He's very patient with the kids. They love him.

Darrell is a pretty quiet guy. So, when Darrell talks, you listen. It's either a very funny story. An interesting science fact. (He would be a great science teacher. I think he would be a lot like Bill Nye the Science Guy.) Or some good advice. Because he's had a lot of experiences. And he's learned things from them. (See day 101:Goblin Valley. Refer to truck struck in river.) Or just great insight. He's a great guy.

Here's a picture of uncle Darrell letting Logan hang with the guys while we were camping

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Eggs

*Day 117*

I realized yesterday that Easter is only one week away. I realized I hadn't gotten out any decorations. Too bad I don't want to decorate for just one week before I have to clean it up. And I realized that we needed to find some time to decorate eggs. So, tonight for family home evening we decorated our Easter eggs. I guess it's better than Sunday morning. Of course, procrastination could lead to some good traditions, I guess. And then we could just cram everything holiday related into one day and have it done. And if we acted like that's how we planned it, it wouldn't look like we're waiting till the last minute. hmmmm.....I'm going to think about that for next year. Anyway, here are some pictures of Logan in action and some of our favorite eggs.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

*Day 116*
Me and Logan went to Salt Lake this weekend to visit family. On Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt. There was a free Easter egg hunt at This is The Place Heritage State Park. Grandma thought it would be fun to take the grandkids. So, we picked up my sisters kids and headed up town. We planned to be there early so we could get a parking spot. We also knew that there would probably be a lot of people there and if we weren't there when the hunt started, that we would miss it. But, we were, of course, running behind. There were a lot of people in the same situation. As we were walking in the gates the lady was telling us that they weren't going to start until everyone was in. They had different areas for different age groups. We headed to our areas. We got there right as they shot the starting gun. And about that quick it was all over. Logan found one egg. He was the only one out of the four kids we brought that found one. (Thanks for the help, mom!) He was still disappointed that he didn't get more. We knew that this might be the case and had a backup plan. We figured that if no one got any prizes we could go for ice cream or something after to ease the disappointment. There were also some crafts, pictures with the Easter bunny and cotton candy and popcorn. And we took a train ride. The kids had a good time together.

For me it was another opportunity to see what people will do for free. OK, I know we were there too, because it was free. The difference is that we didn't push anyone over. We didn't argue or complain about what we didn't get for free. And we didn't take things out of other peoples hands. It's amazing to me to see what people will do for something such as a free piece of candy. At times I had to stand back and wonder about society. Now, I know in this economy that times are tough and free definitely fits into my budget, but there are things that are just not worth loosing your dignity for. We took our kids for the experience, the scenery and the time to spend with family. We enjoyed it. None of them got too bent out of shape at what they didn't receive. They just had fun.

I went in realizing that my kid might come away empty handed. I knew that there was a very good possibility that we would be spending money somewhere on the way home to make sure that some of the kids expectations were met. I don't think that my kid is much different than other kids would have been in that respect. So, I'm guessing that a lot of other parents also spent money on they way home. So, I wonder why we have to worry so much about what our children didn't get for free, if we're spending money on them anyway.

I think it's an interesting thing to watch. I hope it helps me keep things in perspective, and sane. We had the experience, now I don't think we will have to again. It's all for the children, right?

(Sorry I don't have pictures. I left my camera in Logan. Besides, it was over before I could have taken any pictures!)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Renae!

*Day 115*
I got to spend a lot of time with Renae growing up. We were only a year apart in school, so we got hang out in middle school and high school. Then, Renae joined the track team so we got run together and spend a lot of time together doing that. And, of course, we shared a room for most of our lives. It's her 32nd birthday. When they said that, it seemed so much younger than me. That's kind of sad. Here are some of the things I love about Renae. (In no particular order.)
* She's very organized. Her house is so clean and it's not cluttered up with a bunch of extra stuff like mine is.
* She sets goals and does them.
* She gets stuff done. I procrastinate a lot. Renae just gets things done.
* She's a good friend. We shared a room for years, and I don't remember fighting that often. I remember one day when we both woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We were fighting and ornery, then all of the sudden we looked at each other. I guess we realized how stupid we were being, because we both just started to laugh. Then we were fine with each other. We had a lot of things we could do together. And I think Renae is still the only person who knows who I had a crush on in high school. (You don't need to bother telling now.) :)
* She's a great mom.
* She shows me how to be a better person. She doesn't hold grudges or judge people.
* She's very willing to help others.
* She does the right thing.

I'm glad to have her as one of my sisters. Happy Birthday Little sister!

This is me and Renae after a race. We were trying to look super worn out.

This is when we ran to the top of Snowbird with the cross country team. It was a picture of me and Renae. I didn't like me in it and Renae didn't like her in it. So, we tore it in half. Renae took the picture of me and I kept the one of her.

Thanks Matt for filling in. Not thanks for all of the pictures.

It's Late...

*Day 115*

Matt here. It is 10:25 and I am blognapping Kristy's blog again because Kristy and Logan are not home yet from Salt Lake. Kristy went to the Young Woman's Conference and Logan is with Grandma and Grandpa Breinholt's.


What should I blog about here?

Maybe a picture would be good?

I love this old picture of Kristy. It shows how fun she can be.

Another picture?

I love this one so much. She is so cute laying on the couch after church reading the Sunday comics.

How about one more picture?

Isn't she pretty? I love this pic of my cute little family.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Desert Island: Holiday Movie Edition

*Day 114*
Short blog today. Logan and I are headed down south.

I totally forgot one of my Desert Island movies. Of course I only watch it once a year at Christmas time.

-Christmas Vacation
I remember watching this with my dad and watching him laugh. His favorite part is when Clark sprayed that sled with the slick stuff and rocketed down the hill. My dad laughed so hard that he could not see (his eyes were shut so tight, he is a Breinholt afterall) and he was making no sound. That in turn made us all laugh. Matt and I watch this every Christmas season and I think of my dad laughing.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Logan the Ham

*Day 113*
When Logan was about 10 months old, we decided to get all of the grandkids together and take pictures for my parents for Christmas. We had the two babies to deal with. Logan didn't want to look happy in the picture. We tried. He just looked nervous and so we took the best could we could get.

We decided to get pictures with just Logan. All of the sudden he came alive. He was ginning all over the place and hamming it up for the camera. It was a complete change from earlier. And that's when we learned that Logan will perform for the camera.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


*Day 112*

I'll admit, I was terrified of dogs when I was little. Our neighbors had a big German Shepherd that would get loose. I don't think it was known for being very nice, because we sure were scared of it. I remember our friend running around the side of the house, yelling that a dog was coming. We all jumped up on top of the car in the garage. We yelled so much that my mom came out to see what was wrong. I guess it's a good thing my mom wasn't scared of dogs or I don't know how long we would have had to stay on the car. Now, I won't admit to being a dog lover, but I'm not terrified of them anymore. I can handle dogs. When I'm out running, I'm still very cautious of strange, loose dogs. But I've never had to climb up on someones car.

But, Logan on the other hand has developed a tremendous fear of dogs. On the way home from school this fall, he got bit by a dog. A girl was playing with it in their front yard. She threw the ball and it went in the gutter. When the dog ran past Matt and Logan, it just bit Logan on the leg. He was wearing long pants, so it didn't do any damage. But, he has been afraid of dogs ever since. (Not that I can blame him.) He says he hates dogs.

A couple of weeks ago, we were on our way home from school when two dogs came running down the street. I didn't know these dogs so I was on my guard, but just went on. They didn't look scary. I figured if we just crossed the street they would leave us alone. I positioned myself between the dogs and Logan, because I know how he feels about dogs. I thought he would be fine. But he was crying almost hysterically before we got across the street. The dogs didn't even follow us across the street. I felt bad for the kid.

Our new neighbors have a small dog. It's run out of the house towards us a few times. But, it hasn't seemed to bother Logan much. It's really well behaved, and seems more scared of us. Logan talks to it through the fence. Today we were walking up the driveway after school. The dog ran out of the backyard- toward the door- not toward us. I didn't think anything of it because I didn't feel the least bit threatened. But, all of the sudden Logan was climbing up me crying. I think the dog took him surprise, and it, apparently, really scared him. The neighbor felt bad, but we explained Logan's deep fear of dogs. Then we laughed when Logan wasn't looking. No wonder he's a cat person.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Desert Island: Movies

*Day 111*
If you were stuck on a desert island which 5 movies would you take with you. Remember, these are the only ones you have and will have to watch them over and over. (In no particular order....)

- The Sandlot

- The Princess Bride

- Monty Python and the Holy Grail

- Edward Scissorhands

- The Goonies

Feel free to post yours on your blog.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Backyard Freinds: Snakes

*Day 110*

I'm not really sure that I would call snakes friends. I don't really have anything against them, but I don't think they're cute and cuddly either. I don't mind them, but I'm not going to seek them out to play with.

Last year our land lady (at 91 yrs. old) decided to take out the wood fence in the backyard. These snakes are what turned up where the fence was. I was surprised, and kind of creeped out, to see how big they were. I would have thought that any snake living in our yard would have been maybe a foot long and as big around as my finger. These guys were much bigger than that! I guess they're good to have around if they keep pests away, and we never have to see them.

Because I'm talking about snakes, I have some random snake stories.

When I was little, we had a couple of little red tricycles. Me and Renae were riding them around our house one day. We got off the dirt road and noticed that the rubber on one of the wheels had fallen off. We went walking around the house to see if could find it. We were on the dirt road, when we thought we saw a snake. It wasn't a snake, but the rubber from our tire. I remember Renae holding it up in the air, and us laughing so hard at it. I don't know what was so funny about it, I just remember standing there laughing with Renae.

We were walking with our daycare kids to the park when we saw a snake. Of course we had to stop and watch it. Some of the kids were "trying" to catch it. It was trying to avoid us. There was a pipe that went under the sidewalk. The snake was heading for it, we thought to escape. Then, at the last second it came up on the sidewalk right were I was standing. I moved out of the way. The next day when I went to Lynn's they had taught Jessica (who was almost 2) to tell people about the snake. She would go around and tell people, "Kristy freak out!" Then we were hiking with them. I was stopped taking a picture when they all came running toward me yelling something. Next thing I know, something wet and slimy is wrapping around my arm. I didn't know what it was. I had the wrist strap of my camera around my wrist. I jumped so hard that my wrist strap broke off of my camera and my camera went flying. Then I heard what they were saying. They found a snake skin. They wanted me to "freak out", so they threw it at me.

We were walking home from school with one of the neighbor boys. Him and Logan stopped and were playing with something they found in a yard. The neighbor was saying it was a rope and was trying to break it. When I caught up to them, I looked at it. I said, "I think that might be a snake." The neighbor looked at me like I was crazy. Then I looked closer and said, "Yeah, that's eyes, and a head." He looked at it and tossed it away really fast. It was a dead snake. Then he "freaked out" when his backpack string touched his arm. I laughed.

There's my snake stories. I wouldn't say that I'm afraid of snakes. I know that most of the ones I run into can't hurt me. I just choose to stay away from them and would prefer not to touch them.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrea!

*Day 109*

A- Awesome
N- Naturally a good nurturer
D- Damn cute (Sorry Andrea!) ;)
R- Responsible (enough for you and Steven)
E- Enviable(meaning you have characteristics and abilities that make others envy you.)
A- Always thinks of others

Happy Birthday Andrea! Love you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Trisdan!

*Day 108*

When I look at Trisdan, I see what my boy might turn out like. Sometimes it's good, sometimes maybe not so good. But, that's all little boys, right? And, Trisdan is a boy. He's a good kid. He's respectful and will help you if you ask. But, he's a boy, so he might do something stupid like shoot his eye out when he's playing with friends. It doesn't make them any less lovable, just boys. We gotta love our boys!

Friday, March 19, 2010

D'oh! A Deer! A Female Deer!

*Day 107*

Maybe I'm a geek, but I like watching animals. I can just get fascinated by wild animals. I took a bird watching class in college. (It was a required class, and I wasn't really looking forward it.) I became obsessed with birds. This winter I have become obsessed with the deer that hang out in our neighborhood. We've seen their tracks in the snow, but it was a while before we had a deer sighting. Then, we figured out where they spend a lot of time. Every day on the way to school we look for them. They have been there pretty consistently for the past couple of weeks. I wanted to take a picture of them, but it's hard. They blend in so well to the background. If it weren't for their white noses, tails or ears twitching, we probably wouldn't even see them half of the time. It really amazes me how well mother nature works.

This week we saw something new. We saw a buck. We've seen a lot of does, but nothing with horns. We saw one this week. And it had pretty good sized horns. I started to wonder if they were down here nesting, and if there were any fawns around. Today, we were watching the deer and one of our neighbors came out and told us there were three in her backyard. She invited us to go back and look. We went back, and they had baby deer! It was just neat to see them all. There were at least 2 buck, 4 foes and 2 fawns. Then we watched them jump the fence. It's awesome how easy they make it look. So, I admit I've been a little obsessed with the deer (maybe especially when I woke Logan up early this morning because you could them from our driveway-he didn't mind), but I just think they're neat.

I did take some pictures. Some aren't great. But here are a couple for you to look at.

My camera doesn't do close up very good. But there are two on the ground in the back corner. They blend in very well.

This is the buck. You can see part of his horns.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baking With Logan

*Day 106*

Logan sporting some flour on his face after helping me make rolls. I love to see him get excited about baking and wanting to help out. When I told him he had flour on his face, he couldn't figure out what I was talking about. "I have a flower on my face?" I took this picture to show him. I guess he really gets into his work.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

*Day 105*

This St. Patrick's Day Logan decided to go with the stealthy green and see if he could trick people into pinching him. On Monday he counted out his underwear to make sure he had enough pairs to save his green undies for today. When I pointed out that he might have to show someone his underwear to prove that he was really wearing green, he decided not to save them. He schemed up a different plan.

Here is Logan today. He looks like he is wearing no green.

Don't be fooled. He put a green sticker on his undershirt so he could pinch anyone back if they pinched him. His idea was to color on his shirt with a green crayon. I talked him into a sticker instead.

This is his original plan. Green writing on his socks. This is what he was wearing with his pajamas this morning when he wanted me to pinch him because he wasn't wearing any green. (I knew about his socks, but pinched him anyway. He was just too cute, trying to get pinched. And he didn't pinch me back hard. I was surprised by that.) He must have decided that taking off his shoes all day to prove he had green on would be a bit inconvenient, so he put green on his shirt.

This is Logan with the Leprechaun he made at school. I went in to help with their St. Patrick's Day party. I noticed that Logan is a little advanced for his age. Everyone else in his class had lots of visible green. I only noticed one other kid that wasn't wearing green. And he didn't have to because he had green eyes.

I also want to give a St. Patrick's Day welcome to my new nephew who was born today. Sorry I don't know enough about you yet to blog about you on your birthday. Maybe next year. Congratulations Renae and Gregg!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School: Again

*Day 104*

I've been working on getting my CDA (Child Development Associates). We were given an opportunity through working with the Headstart program, to take our CDA classes and work toward this for free. I'd been thinking for a long time that I needed to do some more schooling, and free was in my price range. So, I've been taking advantage and going to as many classes as I can get to. It's been good for me to think more about the things that I start to take for granted because I've been doing what I do for so long. Maybe I'll be able to get out of a rut. Tonight our class was about observing our children and recording their progress. Using this to understand them better and writing things down to chart their progress and interests and such. As they were talking about recording, I kept thinking about blogging. I'm going to try to talk Lynn into a getting a laptop for work, then I can carry it around with me and blog all day. Then I will be a pro at recording information, I will never forget anything again, and I will get a ton of credit hours for my class.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings

*Day 103*

I thought I had a good idea for a blog today, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was. But, I'm blaming daylight savings time for it. I go to bed when the clock tells me it's time to go to bed. But it takes me an hour to fall asleep. Then, I have to get up an hour early. Needless to say, I'm tired today. It makes me not like daylight savings time very much. The other bad thing is that it was getting light early enough for me to go out and run before work. Now it's dark at that time again. I was so looking forward to running in the morning. (When I can walk again that is.) Oh, well, I'll just look forward to fall when we get that hour back.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snoogie Sunday: Logan Style

*Day 102*
Logan got to give a talk in primary today. As I was thinking about what to blog about I told him that maybe I would blog about his talk. I asked him if that would be OK. He said, "But it's snoogie Sunday!" So, he had the idea that he would pretend to be giving his talk in his snoogie, and I could take a picture. He even just pretended to talk. Not that you can tell that from a picture.

Logan's talk was about prophets. We have read some this book "Way to Be", by Gordon B. Hinckley. He decided to talk about what he teaches in this book. He teaches 9 things we can do to be happy and productive. They are 1) Be grateful 2) Be smart 3) Be involved 4) Be clean 5) Be true 6) Be positive 7) Be humble 8) Be still 9) Be prayerful.

Logan and Matt worked on his talk while I was at my meeting. Logan came up with the ideas of what to say and Matt typed them into sentences for him. Logan read his talk very well. There was one hard word that he was worried about. He didn't quite get it. He said confliction, the word was supposed to be conviction. He still did wonderful. And I don't think any of the kids noticed.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goblin Valley

*Day 101*
I told about our game of hide and seek at Goblin Valley the other day. Here are some of the other higlights of our trip.

Logan piching grandpa with the tongs while we get ready for dinner.

Logan climbed up a hill and couldn't get down. The sand was too slippery. So, we learned that to get down slick hills, we duckwalk.

Rebeccalyn just went with sliding down.

Ants. Logan was fascinated by them. We sepent a lot of time watching ant hills. Logan pointed out every one he saw. There were a lot of them.

Me, Logan, Darrell, Kasey, Alek, Mom and Dad taking a break from our hike. I have no idea what we are all looking at.

We scared a lizard while we were on a hike. It dropped it's tail and ran. The tail really kept moving for a while. I'd never seen this happen before. Kind of cool.

Grandpa and Grandma helped Logan shoot a gun for his first time.

Logan and Rebeccalyn watching us shoot guns. Logan doesn't like loud noises.

This is mom sucking up bugs. The ranger came and showed us how to make these cool bug catchers out of a straw. We were testing them out.

Logan with his smore. He looks very upset that it spilled on him. "What'd you do that for!"

Logan just climbing and having fun in the dirt and rocks.

The boys wanted to take their trucks on a four wheel drive trail. Mom didn't like it at all. She made dad stop the truck so she could get out. She sat on a rock to wait for us to come back. Dad told her we weren't coming back, the trail goes all the way around the mountain. She wasn't even on the scary side of the car. I could n't see the side of the road though my window. We were that close to the edge. And my seatbelt wouldn't lock. I'll trade you places mom!

We found some quicksand to play in when we visited Muddy River.

Aaron's car stuck in Muddy River. It took us about two hours to get it out. You can see the tires on this side. But remember that quicksand we played in on the banks of Muddy River? The river bed was about the same. The wheels on the other side are more than half burried in mud and rocks. We put a dent in the side of Aaron's car trying to pry it up with sticks. Dad's truck got stuck in the sand trying to pull it out. Dad finally changed the angle of his truck and we got it out. Just in time too. If it had taken us any longer, we would have had to leave it because it was going to get dark. I don't know how much it would have cost a tow truck to come all the way up there and get it out. Good photo opp. There was some debate as whether we should try to drive though it. I thought the debate was done when Darrell said, "I'm not going to try it, but I won't stop you if you want to." I've known Darrell long enough to know that if Darrell's not willing to try it, it's a really dumb idea. I've heard enough of Darrell's stories to know that he's tried a lot of stuff in his life. And, he's old enough to be smart about what might be a good idea, and what isn't. All I'm saying is, if Darrell said that to me, I wouldn't have done it. And, I lost my sunglasses in that river while pushing the car out.

Friday, March 12, 2010

100 Things I'm Thankful for

*Day 100*
Wow! I made it 100 days. That seems like a lot, until I think about how much further I have to go. I wanted to do something special for 100 days. I decided to make a list. I thought about what I could list 100 of. I decided on things that I am thankful for. It wasn't as easy I thought it would be. I kept forgetting things I wanted to add to my list. And, sorry there aren't any pictures. By the time I finished my list, I didn't have much time to find any.
1. Matt
2. Logan
3. my mom
4. my dad
5. my bothers and sisters
6. my in-laws
7. my nieces and nephews
8. that the garbage man comes on the other side of the street first so when I forget about garbage day, I can hear the garbage man, remember, and still get my garbage out in time to get picked up
9. health
10. education
11. my testimony
12. being sealed for time and all eternity to my family
13. good friends
14. my apartment
15. Our land lady who lets us stay here
16. naps
17. a great job
18. memories
19. Matt, for making this challenge and giving me the motivation to write things down that I want to remember
20. warm blankets
21. brownies
22. playing games with family
23. the beautiful earth
24. perfect running weather
25. sense of humor
26. guidance from wise individuals
27. heaters
28. air conditioning
29. music
30. comfortable jeans
31. holidays
32. the smell of rain
33. that my mom taught me how to cook
34. that my mom taught me how to clean
35. that I get to teach people
36. talents
37. food
38. digital cameras
39. fuzzy socks
40. new sweatshirts
41. bikes
42. photographs
43. smiles
44. cozy couches
45. hot chocolate
46. any chocolate
47. contact lenses
48. sports
49. knowing how to can
50. having a garden
51. people I learn from
52. that the Jazz are winning
53. I can read
54. I'm a mom
55. I live in Logan
56. my grandparents
57. teamwork
58. for trials that I can learn from
59. my blogging friends
60. family time
61. cookie dough
62. that Logan helps remind to me slow down and enjoy childhood
63. animals
64. exercise
65. smelly lotion
66. ponytails
67. fresh bread
68. food storage
69. crafts
70. weather warm enough to wear sandals
71. babysitters
72. nature shows
73. knowledge
74. that I can sew
75. family vacations
76. canoes
77. that my husband hates onions too, so I never have to have them in my house
78. when the snow stays on the trees in the morning
79. mangoes
80. fall leaves
81. spring flowers
82. warm rain
83. peas straight from the garden
84. good neighbors
85. art
86. growing up with lots of brothers and sisters
87. home videos (of Logan)
88. that we won our basketball game
89. that I have a sister who can tell me how to shoot right
90. Christmas lights
91. hard work
92. lazy Saturdays
93. that I only have to think of 6 more things
94. freedom
95. knee braces
96. the youth I get to work with
97. a good nights sleep
98. quiet time
99. for the things I do remember
100. that I didn't decide to do this list on day 200

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ultimate Hide and Seek

*Day 99*

A few years ago, we went on vacation to Goblin Valley State Park with some of my family. It's just a cool little place with interesting rock formations. They call them goblins. I thought they looked kind of like mushrooms, or those mushroom guys from Mario. We stood looking at this field of rocks and decided that we should play hide and seek. It looked like an awesome place to play. So, we did.

Here's the start of the game. Everyone scattering. The problem with playing hide and seek here is that it is a lot bigger than it looks. We would try to set boundaries, but once you got out there it was hard to tell which rock was the "boot rock" that we weren't supposed to pass. The other problem was that sound didn't carry. So, even when you yelled "Ollie ollie oxen free" no one came in. We thought it might have been fun to play with flashlights in the dark, but we never got a chance.

Logan climbing.

Our hiding spot.