Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Matt Proposed to Kristy

*Day 271*

For young women's tonight, we had a dating panel.  They invited couples in who had been married for different lengths of time.  They played a version of the New Newlywed Game then the girls asked them questions about how they met and dating and such.  One of their favorite questions to ask is "What's your engagement story?''  They always ask this question.  I decided tonight that I am going to make up a new story every time they ask me and see how long, if ever, it takes them to catch on.  So, if you have any good versions of an engagement story, send it my way.  So, before I make up so many stories that I can't remember the real one,  Here's our official engagement story.  (As I remember it.)

Me and Matt had been dating for about a year.  Summer was coming to an end.  Matt had decided to go back to visit New York.  I was living with my family in Salt Lake for the summer.  Matt told me when he was leaving, and I went to the airport to see him off.  This is before security was so tight at the airport.  I went into the terminal with him and talked with him and his friend and mom (who had driven them down from Logan).  It was about time for them to board the plane.  His mom left.  I was getting ready to leave.  Matt told me he wanted me to stay and watch the airplane take off.  I didn't know why he wanted me to stay, but I said OK.  They went up to the ticket counter and I walked over and was looking out the window.  When Matt handed his ticket to the lady he yelled out, "Kristy, when I get back from New York, will you marry me?"  I said, "OK."  Then he got on the plane and went to New York.  I picked him up at the airport when he came back.  He bought me a ring on the street that he gave me.  Then we went and told my family. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Game Night

*Day 270*

Tonight we had family game night.  We chose to play Full House.  This is a game that Matt and his family played in Canada.  I have to say that it's probably one of my favorites.  You each have a hotel and you take on guests.  The guests check out and you collect money.  When you make enough money, you can upgrade your hotel and charge your guests more money.  The person with the most money (or the first one to reach a predetermined amount of money) wins.  Tonight I won.  I just got really lucky.  I got a deal to upgrade for half price to a medium hotel.  Then I got a deal to upgrade to a high price hotel.  Matt was upset because his telegram was to pay back taxes and mine and Logan's were good luck.  There's nothing I can do about that.  It's the luck (or unluck) of the game.  But, really, it's all about spending good, quality time with family, right?  And the snacks.  (Tonights were Chex muddy buddies.)  Oh, yeah, and winning! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here Comes the Band!

*Day 269*

As I mentioned we went 4-wheeling with Jennifer and Justin yesterday.  Logan got to go play with Dax and Jace.  (Thanks grandma for watching the kids!)  Logan was still playing while we were chatting after we got back.  I noticed that it had been really quiet for a while.  That's just not like those two boys.  One thing I have learned working with kids is that as long as you can hear them, everything is fine.  It's when they are really quiet that you need to find out what they're up to.  So, I went down to see what they were up to.  Here it is.....

Logan and Dax were putting on a concert.  They were playing their instruments and singing.

Logan was on keyboard.  He also was in charge of the spot light.  Which doubled as his microphone when he sang.   I loved the look on his face.  You could tell he was taking his job very seriously. 

Dax was on guitar and lead vocals.  They put on a pretty good show. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


*Day 268*

Today we went 4-wheeling with Jennifer and Justin.  I had never been on a four wheeler before, but I was excited to  try it.  I can see why people would like it.  It was beautiful up there.  And it smelled good.  It's always nice and relaxing to be in the mountains.  Usually I hike to explore the mountains.  But, this way, you can cover more ground quicker and see more  than I would be able to hiking.  If I'd have hiked that far, it would have taken all day.  I think it would have been fun, but, really, when would I have a chance to spend all day hiking in the mountains?  So, this is the only way I would be able to see all that. 

It takes a little while for me to warm up to new machines and feel comfortable.  Matt did a good job going up.  We were both a little nervous to go over some of the big rocks on the way up.  But, we made it.  I drove part of the way down.  It seemed a  lot less nervous to go down.  The rocks just didn't seem as big from above.  Or, maybe, we were just getting used to it by then.  Either way, we had a good time.  Thanks Jenn and Justin!

This is Matt when he saw the first hill.  Just kidding.  He's just posing for this picture.  And we're still on the flat road here.  Otherwise I wouldn't have taken a picture, I would have yelled at him to watch the road.

Here we are, just finishing up a great ride.
Part of our travels.
We took a picture of how fast I went.  If you can't tell, that's just over 40 mph.  That's how I proved to myself that I'm not a chicken.  It's a whole lot faster than I got the jet ski going when I tried that.  So, I felt pretty good about myself.
The road ahead, and some storm clouds.  We did get rained and hailed on for a bit.  It was cold, but it didn't last long.

Friday, August 27, 2010


*Day 267*

This is what Logan does with his socks.  Me and Matt throw them.
We were just putting Logan to bed.  When I walked into his room Matt threw one Logan's rolled up socks at me.  (Amazingly, it landed right on my shoulder, and stayed there!  He's got mad skills!)  So, I took Logan's other sock off and threw it at Matt.  Then as we were kneeling down for prayers, Logan grabs them both and moves them to the corner of his room.  And he says, "Teenagers....."  Ahhhh, my son.  At that point Matt told Logan that he was closer to being  teenager than we were.  Then it went from a funny moment to a sad moment.  So, we said prayers and put Logan to bed. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


*Day 266*

Tonight me and Logan had big stick popsicles for dessert.  Matt and Logan can empty a box of Otter Pops in a day.  Me, I'm really more of an ice cream fan.  But, sometimes, just sometimes, nothings better than a Popsicle.  These popsicles always remind of my sister, Sherry.  When we were kids and would go down to the gas station to buy treats, Sherry always got these.  She loved them.  I didn't quite understand it.  (Remember about the ice cream.)  But, now I know why.  Sometimes they are just delicious!  Tonight I got to introduce them to Logan. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Dreams

*Day 265*

There a couple of dreams that I have over and over again.  Not the exact same dream, but what happens in them is basically the same.  I had one of them last night. 

Even though I haven't been teaching school for years, I still dream about it.  In my teaching dreams I am never prepared.  In my dream last night, it was the first day of school.  I had obviously not been in my classroom yet.  Nothing was prepared.  My room was a mess.  The kids came in and were doing the starter that was on the board.  But, it was there from the previous year.  I hadn't gotten to school in time write a new one up (or to erase the board from last year).  Then I had nothing prepared for my students.  I got up to teach and didn't even know what grade I was teaching.  I had no lecture prepared and no assignments ready.  So, I got up and got ready to b.s. it for the next 45 minutes.  The other part of my dream is the part that happens in most of my school dreams.  I couldn't get my class lists to pull up on powerschool.  So, I didn't know who was supposed to be in my classes, and couldn't do grades or anything.  I don't remember having huge problems with powerschool when I was teaching, but apparently it stressed me out that something could go wrong with it because it never works in my dreams. 

Hmmmmm..... maybe I better stop slacking off and get some work done so I'm ready for preschool to start.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

*Day 264*

This is my dad teaching Logan how to shoot a gun.

When I was a kid, I thought my dad was so cool. I remember regularly rattling off a list of things my dad had made to impress to friends and acquaintances. Now, I always think, "My dad could fix that." But, building and fixing things isn't the only cool thing about my dad. I love that as a dad he was so supportive of all his kids. When I was running track, he would come and watch me run. But, he would also sit in the stands and time my laps for me. He would come down after I ran and tell me where I slowed down. (It was always the third lap.) Even when I slowed down in the third lap, (and I always did) he was still proud of me. He is also a wonderful grandpa. I love to watch him with his grandkids. I love that he gets so excited to see Logan. (Except maybe after he's spent a whole week him, and Logan's been a pain, and we're all tired. But, that's understandable.) They love him so much. He teases Logan. Logan isn't always good at taking it, and sometimes he teases back too hard. But, he tells jokes that make us all giggle. Logan thinks he is so funny. In fact Logan and I want to dedicate some songs to my dad for his birthday.

Logan is teasing my dad back, by pinching him with the tongs.

Logan would like to dedicate the following song to Grandpa Breinholt:

Oh, say can you see
Any bedbugs on me?
They itch and they scratch
All over my back.

We would also like to dedicate this song. Grandpa sang it to Logan while we were on vacation. It was an instant hit. Logan asked him to sing it over and over again. The kids at daycare know this song now because Logan has sang it so much. (You need to read this with a country twang, because that is how I'm writing it. And it just sounds better that way.)

Rye whiskey, Rye whiskey
Wild women.
I'll drink when I'm thirsty,
And I'll live til I die.

Thanks to dad for teaching us these songs!

Thank you dad! We love you!

Monday, August 23, 2010


*Day 263*

Is it really only Monday? It's felt like an awfully long day for my last week of slacking off (which feels a lot more like the first week of real work). Oh well. I'm now off to the store to buy blue jello and swedish fish to make our food that fits into the theme of "Waves of Fun".

Sunday, August 22, 2010


*Day 262*
This was Logan's homework his first week of school.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


*Day 261*

*Matt and Logan are both gone to a primary activity. So, I'm here alone trying to decide how to best spend my hour alone. Problem is is this happens so rarely that I hardly know what to do with myself. By the time I decide what to do, they're home. I need to plan better.

* I thought maybe I would get my blog out of the way early. But all the good ideas left my brain before I could open a new post.

* Logan woke up crying last night. I feel bad I didn't hear him over the TV. Matt is always the first to hear him now. Those days where I need to wake up to take care of baby have ended, and my my body has gone back to deep sleeping. (But at least I got to cuddle Logan without someone else kicking me.)

* I found out that I have 2 weeks until we officially start preschool instead of one. Good. Now I can slack off for another week.

* I think I need a real vacation before I have to start preschool again. I'm just not feelin it.

* I think I missed Logan this week. There were times it felt lonely not to have him around. I hope he does OK in 2nd grade. They seem really intense, and like they will be very busy all the time. Logan is already sad that they only get 2 recesses.

* I don't run hardly at all anymore. I ran this morning. It was very slow. My knee still hurts when I run. (It's been almost 6 months.) So, why can't I give it up?

* Done. And still a half hour to myself. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Gas Cap

*Day 260*

When I was in high school, I was out one night with my sister and a friend. We had to stop and get some gas in the car. We had driven away when we realised that I didn't put the gas cap back on. (I will take credit because I was the one driving.) So, we went back to get it. But, it was gone! It had only been a few minutes so we figured it would be in the parking lot or something. But it wasn't. We needed to go inside and ask them if it got turned in. We really didn't want to because we felt really stupid. So, our friend said she would do it. (Thanks Robyn!) A few minutes later, she came out with a handful of gas caps! They had a lot that had been turned in and she didn't know which one was ours. So we picked it out, took the rest back and left. And now I know that I don't need to feel stupid if I loose my gas cap at the gas station because I'm not the only one.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cache County Fair

*Day 259*

Logan kicked butt at the fair this year! Here is a picture of his entries. He got first prize for his dilly beans, a bracelet he made for me, his lego car, and his peanut butter chip brownies. They were seriously the best brownies. I'm glad he got first place for them because I thought he did a really good job. He got third prize for the bookends he painted and his cherries. He also entered his grass head guy and some cookies in the Cloverbud division in 4-H. He brought home $20.25. Not too shabby. He was way excited. Especially when some of his prize money was paid out in fifty cent pieces.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2nd Grade

*Day 258*

Today was Logan's first day of second grade. He liked it. His teacher is nice. He earned a penny that he keeps in a film canister at school. (I'm still not sure what he gets for them.) But, he only has two recesses. But, actually he gets three. He counts the time that he gets to play after he eats breakfast at school as a recess. (Hey, whatever gets you through he day.)

Today was my first day (in a long time) without Logan. My bike ride to Lynn's felt kind of quiet. And now I don't have any excuses to ride in crazy places, try to do wheelies or explore new roads on the way to work. He went to school all day last year, I didn't think it would hard this year. But, this year just feels different. He seems so much bigger and more independent than he did in first grade. I really just didn't anticipate that big of a change from first to second grade. I'm sure I'll adjust. In the meantime, I really hope pennies are motivating for him, and that he will keep doing what he needs to to earn them.

Just for fun, here are pictures of me and Matt in second grade. (He was so tiny.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Kasey!

*Day 257*

Kasey turns twelve today. I can't believe that when I met him, he was younger than Logan is now. I'm impressed with how much he has grown since I've met him. He came with me and the kids to the fair last week to help me. And, he actually helped! He's older, but not too old to be Logan's partner in crime. I always appreciate the older kids that will spend time with Logan even though they are older than him.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Zade!

*Day 256*

My nephew Zade is three today. He is so cute. I love his little grin. I love to hear him talk. I love to watch him run after the big boys. We had a moment together on Saturday in the hot tub. It was priceless. Hope your day is great, Zade.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Breinholt Reunion

*Day 255*

Yesterday we had our Breinholt family reunion with my brothers and sisters and their families. It's always fun for me to get together with my family. We have a good time.

We went to the pool at the Young's. They have a great yard with a pool, trampoline, playground, tennis court, basketball hoop, and great scenery (including a deer, a real one). The Young's are people that lived by my grandma Anderson, so my mom has known them since she was little. We started going there with my mom's family. Now there are enough of us, that we go with just our family. (Does that explain it Matt?) We had a diving contest and a slam dunk contest. We relaxed, and some of us got a new hair style. And, of course, we ate. There we so many things I would have loved to have pictures of, but it's hard to take pictures when you're busy enjoying yourself. And I've learned that water and cameras dont's mix. So, even though, we wanted to test out or new camera, we needed to keep our distance from the pool.

Logan getting ready for entry off of the slide. I'm surprised at how comfortable he can feel in the water with the addition of a life jacket. Which he has bruises under his arms from wearing all day.

In an attempt to follow a goal I have to be more like my brother, (just less lazy and more willing to be involved in having fun and not worrying about what people think) I joined in on the diving contest instead of just watching. (OK, really it was more a jumping contest, since I don't think anyone actually technically dove. We just tried to do tricks while jumping.) This is me doing a sweet flip. I'm wondering if that has something to do with my body hurting so much today.

This is Logan doing a super cool move off the diving board. I didn't get to go the reunion last year. I could hardly believe Matt when he came home and told me that Logan jumped off the diving board. Now I have proof. He really did it! Like a hundred times.

This is Matt calling to my while I was eating my ice cream. "Hey Kristy, look at me!" Really Matt? I was eating ice cream! Leave me a one for minute. :)

Y.M.C.A. This originally started during the diving contest. It was significant enough that we thought we needed it in a picture.

Me and Renae were trying to jump ourselves out of the deep end of the pool. But then we got the giggles and didn't have the strength to pull ourselves up.

We finally rolled out of the pool. I'm just glad that Matt didn't take a picture of the in between step when we were half way out, and still laughing. Thanks Matt!

We had a super slam dunk contest. Although Steven seems to be the highlight (youngest child), no one is excluded. This is Logan going in for a dunk.

Ryan (who normally has almost white hair) had some really pretty bluish greenish hair by the end of the day thanks to the intense chemicals in the pool. Mine also turned bluish greenish, just not as dark.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


*Day 254*

I got some new highlights today. Courtesy of the pool. I'm not sure I would have made this choice on my own. But, what can you do?

Friday, August 13, 2010


*Day 253*

When you're trying to cut back on the number of treats you have, you have to make every one count. So, we had this for dessert tonight.

I lined a bowl with plastic wrap. Cut the swiss roles and lined the bowl with them. I let them freeze. Then I put in the first layer of ice cream. Let it freeze. Then added chocolate ice cream syrup. Put in the second kind of ice cream. Let it freeze. Tip it out onto a plate to serve. Pretty yummy.

Here is Logan enjoying it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Taking

*Day 252*

OK, I give up! I've started this about 6 times with different ideas. None of them are taking. I just don't think I've got what it takes today. But, stay tuned for an update of how we fared in the fair. In the meantime, I'll try to get more sleep. I think that might help this situation.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


*Day 251*

The house we lived in when we were kids had a canal behind it. We would play back there sometimes. Along the banks of the canal cattails would grow. (We always called them hot dogs.) We would pick the cattails and play with them. We would go camping and make pretend fires (or maybe sometimes real ones) and roast our "hot dogs" over them. Then we would open them and watch the puff float away.

One year, we had this brilliant idea. We decided that for mother's day we would make a pillow for my mom. We thought that these cattails would make the perfect stuffing. Well, after a while, they get old and they break open and the puff floats away. I guess we'd watched this happen several years, so we knew we had to pick the cattails before the puff floated away. So we picked a whole bunch and hid them in the closet in our bedroom. One day my walked into our bedroom into storm of cattail puff. We failed to realize that they would still go to seed inside our house. My mom never got that soft cattail pillow.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mud Football

*Day 250*

Played mud football tonight. But... no tackling. Still a lot of fun.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Are You Feeling Sensy?

*Day 249*

In my blog the other day I mentioned how Logan was tired so he was a little sensitive. It reminded me of an inside joke we have.

When Logan was small, maybe two, he seemed to be having a rough day. Matt said something to him and he burst into tears. Matt said, "Boy, you're sensitive." Logan shot back, "I not sensy!" Ever since then, if Logan is acting sensitive someone will say, "Are you sensy?" He still doesn't like it. But, we love to tease him.

This is Logan being sad. Check out his knee. That was his first band aid.

Logan cheesin' it. When he was little, Matt nicknamed him "mood change baby". (I think there was even a theme song, like that toy doll, My Buddy.) Logan would go from happy and smiling to crying in one second flat. It was hard to deal with sometimes because you couldn't figure out why. He's still like that sometimes.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day of Rest?

*Day 248*

*Sigh* I was really looking forward to day of rest today. Maybe tonight.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Garden

*Day 247*

Since about everything I've done today has revolved around our garden, I thought I would blog about it.

We have some wonderful neighbors who have a large garden area and not much time to take care of it. So, for the past few years they have shared their garden space with us. It has been wonderful. We have learned a lot. Both about gardening and canning and storing the food that comes from it. It's been a blessing in our lives. Logan loves to come "help" in the garden. Usually he ends up climbing their enormous tree or playing in the irrigation water. But, he does like to pick the vegetables, and he loves to eat them. Sometimes straight from the garden. (If you have a kid that's not fond of vegetables, plant a garden. I really think that kids love to eat the food when they help grow it.)

This year in our garden we have peas, onions, tomatoes, swiss chard, peppers, eggplant (it's our first try with that, it almost froze in the spring, not sure if it will produce anything or not, we'll see), green beans, beets, spinach, lettuce, carrots, corn, cantaloupe, zucchini, crookneck squash, butternut squash, and delicata squash (it taste like sweet potatoes),and pumpkins. But, out of all that, it's the weeds that we really excel at growing.

Today me and Logan made dilly beans for the fair. We picked our beets (and a whole bunch of weeds). Right now my pickled beets are cooking. Then we only have carrots, pumpkins, more beans and corn left to do. (I shouldn't have written that out, it made it sound like a lot.) Last year we used our corn to make mexicorn. It was awesome for stuffed peppers.

Here are some pictures of our garden that we took while testing out our new camera.

Friday, August 6, 2010


*Day 246*

* Logan has been waking up early this week. But, I think it has made him kind of tired. He has been super sensitive and overly dramatic. And, he wanted to cuddle tonight. I don't mind the cuddling. The rest I could do without.

* Logan got to go the dentist this week.... twice. It's OK, it wasn't bad news. He still has no cavities, but he got to go back today to get sealants on his permanent 6 year molars. He's a trooper.

* We got a new camera to replace our old one that fell in the river (in case you don't follow Matt's blog). I'm excited to get to know it.

* I've been really tired this week. I'm thinking maybe I should give up water aerobics. It's later than I used to stay up (plus talking time afterwards). I'm almost happy that school is starting soon, so I can stop going. But, I really like it, and I need some sort of exercise. I just wish it were earlier.

* It was really nice to enjoy a short rain storm, and the coolness that came with it.

* For the first time in years, I don't have a desire to bake anything for the fair. I haven't tested out any new recipes like I usually do. I'm just not in the mood to make my kitchen a mess, and eat all the leftovers. (That doesn't sound like me!) I did find a recipe for eggnog bread that I really wanted to try for the fair, but I can't find eggnog at this time of year. I'm canning tomorrow, so I can enter beets and beans. Maybe I'll bake something before Monday. Maybe.

* Logan was so excited for the new, hour long, Phineas and Ferb tonight. I think that might be why he's been waking up early. He found out that they are on in the morning. They've been reminding him all week that the new episode was tonight. Before 7:00 this morning he had checked the TV guide to see what time it was on. Then he told me that we needed to have dinner before 6:00 because Phineas and Ferb was on then. (We ate dinner in front of the TV.)

*The power went out while we were at the library today. They wrote down all the books we checked out on paper. I'm glad I don't have to enter that into the computer later.

* There is a container sitting on my stairs filled with grasshoppers. Logan spent his day catching grasshoppers with Jessica's butterfly net. He had to bring them home. He told me tonight that they don't like the grass he gave them and he's going to let them go in the morning.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cache County Fair

*Day 245*

This week we are getting ready for the Cache County Fair. Every year we make things and enter them in the fair. This is a tradition that was started by Lynn. Her first husband, Roger, used to enter livestock and other things in the fair when he was younger. When I lived with Lynn and Roger for the summer while I was in college, they encouraged me to enter a dress I had made in the fair. I got a second place ribbon.

When me and Matt moved back to Logan, I was working for the school district and Lynn babysat Logan. Lynn had all of the kids at her daycare do a fair project that she would enter for them. So, Logan entered a truck he had painted in the fair when he was a year and half old. Now, it's a tradition. Every year all of the daycare kids do a craft project and a baking project to enter in the fair.

Lynn told me I should enter stuff too. I didn't want to because I didn't think my stuff was good enough to enter in the fair. But, we canned applesauce together right before the fair. Lynn encouraged me to enter it, and I won a prize. So, I entered some things the next year. Then I learned that everyone that enters wins a prize. Now, I'm not afraid to enter things because I know I'll get at least third place! Now we enter whatever we can; baking, crafts, canning, garden vegetables, lego sculptures......

It's become a fun thing that we look forward to every year. And this week is the week that we are preparing all of our stuff for the fair.

Logan's entries from last year. Canned beans, cookies, painted star, veggies from the garden, and a lego ship. (I didn't know until after we entered it that Matt actually made most of it. Logan forgot to tell me that.) He won enough money to rides some rides at the fair.

Logan's bug collection. He won first prize.

Logan's highlight of the fair last year. He won 1st prize for the biggest zucchini in the junior division. (He talked a whole bunch of smack to his aunt Lynn because his zucchini was bigger than hers.)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


*Day 244*

I don't hate to cook. Sometimes I hate to think of things to cook. But, I don't really hate to cook. I like to eat. And if I cook, I get to eat.

When I was growing up, I didn't try a lot of different foods. I just wasn't really exposed to a huge variety. So, it made me nervous to try new things. I just wasn't sure I would like them. And, like I said, I like to eat. So, I want food that tastes good to me. With this background, being in Matt's family was a little scary for me. I remember the first Easter that his dad said we were going to have a Greek Easter. I was really nervous for Easter dinner. I wasn't sure if I would like any of the food. It would all be new to me. But, you know what? I liked it! As I got older and out on my own, I started trying new things. I realized that I liked most things I tried. (Sorry, still not a fan of Greek olives, or onions.) So, I got more adventurous (for me). I started not being so scared to try new things. Then, I started trying to add more variety to what we ate at home. So, I started trying new recipes. And I continued to learn that I like most food I try. Except one.

I found a recipe for some Asian noodles. Logan loves the "Chinese noodles", so I thought I would try this recipe. It sounded good. It is the only thing I can think of that I've made that I threw out because it was terrible. It had spaghetti noodles, that were cold. Then the sauce had peanut butter, soy sauce and I think Tabasco sauce with some other stuff. As I was mixing it up, I smelled it. I started to wonder about it, but I kept on. I was going to give it fair chance. By the time I put it on the table, I was really skeptical, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to sway Logan and Matt. I don't think Matt even swallowed his bite. I took one bite. I could tell everyone was thinking the same thing as me. Logan looked relieved when I told them that they didn't have to eat it. It was awful. We dumped it out and started dinner over again. Last week I was looking through a cookbook. I saw a recipe that looked good. I read the ingredients. It called for peanut butter and soy sauce. I passed it right up. I don't think I'm ready to try that combination again.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Swoosh, swoosh"

*Day 243*

Sometimes my kid cracks me up. And I'm glad he has this little of sense of humor growing. And then, sometimes I wish he hadn't caught onto his dad's sense of humor. But, what can I do....

Me and Logan ride our bikes to work everyday. There is one place that we go past that has low tree branches. When I ride under them on my bike they hit my head. I guess Logan thinks that's pretty neat because ever since he got his bigger bike, he stands up and tries to hit tree branches with his head. The other day, we were riding to work. Logan wanted to play a game. He told me that he would do an action and I had to follow it. So, he would go up a drive way or over a curb or swerve back and forth on the sidewalk, and I had to do the same thing as him. Then, it was my turn to to lead, and he had to follow my action. Well, I went under those trees, and my head hit them. And then I heard Logan behind me. It sounded like he hit the trees, but I think he was tall enough to hit them. I looked behind me to see if he hit them or if he was just making the noise like he did. He was back there, standing up on his bike making this "swoosh, swoosh" (that's not really what it sounded like, it was a convincing sound, I just don't know how to type it so, I'm going with swoosh)sound as he went under the trees. I had to ask him if he hit the tree or just made the sound. He explained to me that he was making the sound because he was supposed to be following my action, but couldn't hit the trees. It just cracked me up that he was back there pretending to hit the trees.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

*Day 242*

My favorite memory of Ryan was when he was about a year old. He was little and just walking. We were at their house for a birthday party. We were watching the kids play. There was this tiny little pond on the side of the house. Ryan was standing there looking at it, then all of the sudden he just face planted in it. Me and Matt looked at each other and laughed. It just looked so funny. (Don't worry his mom was there to fish him out. We didn't just stand around and watch him drown.) It's amazing to me that that little kid is so big now. And I am flattered that he likes my son enough to want to take him home to live with them.

Hope you have a great birthday Ryan!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Logan Reading

*Day 241*

I love to watch Logan read. I just think it's cute when he gets his book and makes himself comfy and just reads. I especially like it on weekends when he doens't wake me up in the morning, but when I go into his room he is sitting there with a huge pile of books that he's read on the floor next to him.