Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I tossed and turned a lot last night, so when my alarm went off this morning, I had a hard time getting up.  I finally rolled out of bed at the last possible moment to be able to get ready on time to take Logan to school.  As soon as I got in the shower, Logan knocked on the bathroom door.  (This is the really fun part about having only one bathroom.)  So, he came to get ready ready for school.  (He can be very talkative in the morning.  Another fun part about sharing a bathroom.  He's really cute thought.  He always asks me how I slept and tells me good morning.) 

OK, for the rest of this we need a quick Backstory:  Logan got an alarm clock for Christmas.  (A Perry the Platypus Awakinator, to be exact.)  It's been really nice, because it's made my mornings easier.  He does a good job getting up when his alarm goes off.  It's been much nicer in the mornings.  Except those ones where he gets up when the alarm clock goes off and then sits in his room and reads for half an hour instead of getting ready for school.  But....   Now that he has an alarm clock, he knows what time it is.  He will tell me that he was up until 10:53 and that he woke up at 6:04.  He really pays attention to the time now.  He even knows that when I push the snooze button on my alarm, it takes 7 minutes for it to ring again. 

So, this morning, when he came into the bathroom, we says, "Mom, your late.  You only got in the shower 4 minutes before my alarm clock went off.   I woke up at 7:08."  Then, he tells me that I should have a punishment because I got up late.  I asked him what he thought my punishment should be.  He told me that I should be banned from his Nintendo.  So, I told him that if I was late, he could ban me from his Nintendo today.  But, as we walked up to the school, I pointed out to Logan that we were on time.  He told he thought I should be punished any way.  So, I haven't played the Nintendo today. 

I don't know how he knows that I stay up too late at night playing that game.    But I do know that I better get up on time tomorrow.  I don't want any more punishments.


  1. Boy, Logan sure is strict!!

  2. I would LOVE to have a Perry the Platypus Awakinator alarm clock! That sounds awesome! :)

    By the way ... if it is Dr Mario keeping you up on the Nintendo, the only cure is a little blue and red pill ... or maybe a yellow and red one ... or was it the blue and yellow one?