Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eat 2 Liv Challenge

So, I've been unhappy with myself lately.  I spend time telling myself that I want to be healthy and live an active lifestyle, but then I don't quite live up to it.  Then I get into this horrible cycle, where I try to be perfect, but then I have a hard time, then I eat to try to make myself feel better, then I feel bad about failing and I eat more and so on and so forth.  I keep saying we need to make changes, but when it comes down to it, I feel too tired or busy or whatever to actually make those changes happen for very long.  Then, my cycle starts again.

So, when I had the opportunity to join the eat 2 liv challenge I decided that it might give me the motivation I needed to make some positive changes.

I have an awesome friend that had helped me loose weight before.  We seem to have a lot of the same struggles.  I had heard her talk about a program she did that focused on health, body and mind.  From what I heard about it, it sounded like a good idea and a well rounded approach to weight loss, without focusing and obsessing just on weight loss.  A little over a year ago, I got an email from her.  She told me how  a friend of hers, who is a dietician, was starting a weigh loss program and wondered if I wanted to join the pilot program.  I felt like could loose some weight and wanted to try to make some healthier habits, so I joined up.  (Hey, I already told you, I cycle.  Yeah I've done this before.  I'm just trying to not to have to do it again.)

Well, I liked the program, and success.  And it was easy and didn't take a lot of thought.  So, while I was trying to break my cycle this time, and having a really hard time doing it, I got an email from eat 2 liv saying they were starting up a new round.  I really wasn't motivated to put forth the energy I needed to make big changes.  So, I joined.  (It's amazing how much motivation I can get from a friendly little challenge.)

I decided that I would try to blog about my experience on the program.  For myself.  As I've tried to figure out how to truly be healthy, I've had a lot of different thoughts about what healthy is, why it's so hard sometimes, what gets in our way and how to figure out which of all the health tips you hear are accurate.  I figure, maybe if I blog about it, and get the thoughts out of my head I can make better sense of them.  Also, I want to be more honest with myself.  Maybe in my wonderings I can find out what I'm being honest about and what I'm trying to cover up.  If anyone else ends up reading this, maybe they will figure out that they're not the only ones that struggle with this.  And, If anyone does struggle with the same things as me, you can look into this program.  I believe in it.  I really don't think it's that hard.  And I love that it isn't just about food and loosing weight.  The motto of the the program is "Eat with attention and thankfulness, Live with intention and vitality".  It sounds like just what I would like out of life.  And it makes it not just about food.

So, we'll see what happens.

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  1. Kudos Kristy for keeping trying! I can certainly commiserate with the cycling (and not bicycling). I've tried to get back into P90X this year (which I really like) but it's hard to stay committed to it. I'm sure blogging about it will help. Best wishes!